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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-22 11:15:55
Eve Torres was interviewed live on VH1′s Morning Buzz this morning.

William Regal will be doing a one man stand up show on 11/7 in Birmingham, England titled "Audience with a Wrestling Villain."  Now that's a show I'd love to see in person.  Thanks to Billy Krotchsen.

The New York Times endorsed Democrat Christopher Murphy over Linda McMahon in the United States Senate race in Connecticut.

Zack Ryder is teasing on Twitter that he will end his Youtube series when it hits its 100th episode in January.  Good way to build interest in the show.

Alberto Del Rio will be appearing at signing at Friday's WWE NXT event at the West Palm Beach Armory.

Mattel debuted a look at the first-ever Antonio Cesaro WWE action figure over the weekend at Ringsidefest. We have a photo gallery from the event up on the main page. Here is this week's WWE Download with Dolph Ziggler:


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