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By Keith Lagasse on 2012-10-22 00:45:53

The WWE's RAW crew held their 5 p.m. house show at the XL Center in Hartford, CT. Small crowd, probably in the 3 to 4 thousand range.


Brodus Clay pinned Jack Swagger in 5:17.

Damien Sandow pinned JTG in 6:48 3.

Eve pinned Layla in 6:28 to retain the Divas Title

Michael McGillicutty pinned David Otunga in 22 seconds (yes, you read that right).

Kane and Daniel Bryan beat Epico and Primo in about 12 minutes, to retain the tag team titles.

Santino Marella pin Tensai in 7 minutes.

Antonio Cesaro pinned Sin Cara in 10:21 to retain the US title.

In the main event, Ryback beat CM Punk by DQ in just over 16 minutes when Paul Heyman entered the ring and hit Ryback with the WWE title belt.

Notes: Before the show, my friends and I had seats up in the last row, in the upper deck in one end. A WWE staffer wound up handing us 5th row ringside seats for free, which made for one hell of a seat upgrade! The only show plugged, besides next week's PPV was the 12/11 SmackDown TV taping, coming to Bridgeport, CT.

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