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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-24 09:59:00

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Why is Colt Cabana not signed with WWE? For that matter why isn't Chris Hero signed with WWE? Knowing the history with Hero, Cabana and CM Punk, you would think they would be there. Why aren't they?

Hero is in developmental as Kassius Ohno and is seen on NXT. Cabana is not signed.Punk has influence but he doesn't run talent relations.  It's a shame because WWE could use them both on the main roster right now.

Please tell me that Devon being a member of the Aces and 8'S IS NOT going to lead to a Bully Ray face turn. I thought, even though they paired him with Sting for a big match at their marquee event, his quasi-face turn as of late has killed off a ton of his momentum. I was hoping for some kind of heel turn last night at BFG to get back the heat he once had, but when Devon was revealed and Ray looked like he had just had his new puppy taken away from him, I sensed the wheels of a turn set into motion... Since going their separate ways, I think Ray has become the best worker in TNA. His character is unique, he knows how to draw amazing heat, and his in-ring work has been solid. I think he could be the new centerpiece for TNA if they booked him as their heel champion. But as a face, I see nothing but a huge slide for Ray... Is there ANY way a Bully Ray face turn could work?

Sure, there is always a way a face turn can work if it's done correctly.  With that said I agree with you.  He is a great heel and should stay that way, at least for now.  It wouldn't shock me to see him become part of the Aces down the road. this might be stupid but it REALLY irks me. While I appreciate WWE trying to revitalize the tag division; why do they insist on having "team" in front of most of the tag team names? It makes it seem so much more generic and "thrown together" so to speak. Just call them "Hell No", "Rhodes Scholars", etc. Is there some reason for this?

It's all about marketing.  That simple.

With Hogan trying to get $100 million in damages from Gawker will this give Ric Flair any ideas?

You really think Flair needs this example to turn a light on as a way to get money?  Believe me, Flair is very astute at taking advantage of any opportunity that presents itself.

Why was Mr. Anderson not on TNA Bound For Glory? I had a feeling he might have been revealed as the A&8 leader, but now the PPV has been and gone and he wasn't even part of that angle. Is there a reason why such a big star wasn't featured?

The short answer is that you obviously think he is a bigger star than TNA creative does.  Anderson is a solid mid-card guy, but not more than that.  I don't see him needing to be on that PPV.

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