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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-23 09:59:00

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On Thursdays the show is called "Impact Wrestling". No fuss about it. On Sundays it's called TNA. Why do they use both so loosely? Why not commit to one? Doesn't it cause a type of brand confusion? Will Sundays eventually become Impact?

Impact Wrestling is the name of the show.  TNA is the name of the company.  That is how they see it.

From what I can tell, Bobby Lashley's MMA career has been far from stellar. With that said, is there any chance of him returning to the ring? How much of a draw do you think Lashley vs King Mo could bring to TNA?

Yeah, his career, if you can call it that, has been a failure.  I could see him returning to wrestling if he needs the money as there would probably be some there for him.  I see very minimal interest in him vs. Mo.

I just watched the CM Punk Stone Cold face off video where they were "just talking about a video game". And it got me to thinking about the attitude era and current wwe crossover dream matches and I wanted to know, which of the following do you think would be the best match or biggest money maker for WWE. The Rock vs. Cena, Stone Cold vs. Punk, or Punk and Cena vs. Austin and Rock? I personally like the thought of the tag match because we can see Austin Cena & Rock Punk.

Rock-Cena did pretty well last year so I think it would be kind of hard to top that, especially given the way that they have been pushing Punk of late.

My question is regarding the storyline with Punk/Heyman. Right now it's built as Heyman has Punk's best interest in mind in building him up. Then we had Vince on RAW talking about how Heyman has been poisoning Punk's mind all this time. Is it conceivable that, at some point, it comes out that Heyman has in fact been manipulating Punk all this time? That Heyman used his relationship with Punk to stay employed and in the spotlight? I think that if this was the case, Punk realizing it would not only turn him back to face but a HUGE face culminating in a match with Brock some time down the road. Your thoughts?

I could see them using at least some of that, sure.

To follow up on a question from 10/15/12, if Punk's heel turn was set into motion despite his popularity, do you think WWE could "make things right" by turning Cena to a tweener role, a la Eddie Guerrero circa 2002 - 2003? Have Cena do enough that could be perceived as dastardly to kids, but cool to adults, but still do enough "good guy" stuff as well.

Cena isn't cool enough or a competent enough actor to be a tweener.  I don't see him being able to pull it off.  He is too over-the-top and subtlety is not his forte.

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