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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-22 09:59:00

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What will it take for WWE to fix the problems with creative? How can they look at their library of great stuff and not see the obvious?

At this point I think it will have to be a directive from USA Network. Vince has admitted there are problems by shuffling the creative team but it has led to no change so far. The problem is that he hasn't replaced himself and he is the primary issue with the product since it all runs through him and his vision of wrestling is what he continues to give us.  Until he addresses the main problem, himself, nothing will change. Frankly, I just think he has gotten older and is out of touch with what younger people want. He needs to start delegating to those who do know.

Has BFG got you excited? Personally I'm a little let down by the build up. I was more excited for Slammiversary.

For a few months, TNA was really rocking.  The Aces and 8s storyline had a lot of potential and was very interesting.  Then Hulk Hogan came back and got involved and the quality of Impact, and also the show's viewership, have dropped.  I believe there is a major cause and effect there.  I am not saying that Hogan needs to be put out to pasture but he does need to be taken out of the focal point role.  He has weighed the product down since his return.  And yes, that includes the build for BFG.

It's been a long time now since the tragic passing of Owen Hart. Is there any possibility of him ever making the WWE Hall of Fame? Have the fences between the Hart family and Vince McMahon "ever" been mended, considering all the tragedies that fell on the Hart family (Owens death, Davey Boy's death, The Screw Job)?

 The key issue in keeping Owen out of the HOF is that his widow Martha wants no part of it.  WWE does not want to go against her wishes here so Owen is not in.  Vince and the Hart family largely get along now.  Obviously, Bret has gotten past the screwjob and you can't blame Smith's death on them.

Regarding the last few Q&A's regarding Ryback and CM Punk, I'm now very scared that Ryback wins the belt. Personally, I don't like Ryback's character but I think, I'm alone on this one. Wouldn't it be a major overreacting to put the belt on Ryback, not to mention that he isn't ready? Shouldn't Vince carefully work with Punk's 300+ title reign because rarely does someone goes this long and NOT throw away this reign in favor of a pseudo, no-promo Goldberg? I'm scared.

They have put themselves into a corner here so they can go one of three ways.  Ryback wins.  Punk wins.  Or they do a screwy finish.  I am hoping for number three, with perhaps Brock Lesnar getting involved.  I just hope if they go that way they make sure to have Punk look strong.  I think they really need to focus on that as they have not been doing it at all lately.

I hear a lot of people say, "Where is the next Rock or Stone Cold?" "Where is the next big star?" In watching this guy work, cut promos, come across as a big star, yet still have youth and size.. Don't you see Mike Bennett as one of those "big stars" with the right machine behind him? He's 26 years old and, has all kinds of charisma with experience as well.

I like Bennett and if he were given the opportunity, he just may be able to go to the next level.  But therein lies the problem, getting the chance.  As we talked about last week on audio, it's great to say "this guy needs to make his break" but WWE doesn't let guys actually do that.  Until they start doing it again, it is really hard for anyone to break out.  Honestly, I am glad that The Rock, Steve Austin, DX etc. didn't come along today.  We probably would have never seen their A work.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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