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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-21 09:59:00

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Now that Ryback officially has a title shot at Hell in a Cell, my first question is this: was this solely because Cena got hurt? Had Cena not had that surgery would Ryback still be at all involved in the main event? And, secondly, do you think this is a lose-lose situation for the WWE? If Ryback wins the title having never even fought anyone of significance prior (Miz and the IC title don't seem to mean much anymore according to the WWE), wouldn't that weaken Punk (who is already pretty weak after his heel turn) as a character? And, if Punk wins, wouldn't that cut the legs out from under Ryback's momentum? And, finally, whether Ryback wins or loses, would his place in the main event of the WWE be dependent on how soon Cena comes back? If Ryback wins, Cena comes back, and either Punk or Cena takes the title from Ryback and they continue their program with each other, leaving Ryback in the dust. If Ryback loses, and Cena comes back, there goes Ryback's rematch and program for the title. Thoughts?

Yes, he is getting the break because Cena is hurt and they needed someone to put in the Cell match.  Luckily for him and WWE, he hadn't gotten to the point in his push where he goes from being dominant to being a huge loser (like Tensai, Brodus Clay, etc.).  If Ryback wins, yes Punk looks weak.  And if Punk wins, Ryback looks weak.  Mike and I talked about this a lot on last week's show.  WWE continues to pay the price for their poor booking decisions.

Who is Myron Fleckelbaum and what was his contributions to the WWE?

He is a name I made up to pop a good friend of mine.  I was surprised how many people thought that someone would really name their kid that.  To go back to the question, I think that big names most fans don't know that helped shape WWE are Chris Kreski (who headed creative during WWE's best run) and Kevin Dunn (who is a production wizard).  Thanks to everyone who sent notes saying they got a kick out of good old Myron!

Just my opinion.  The only thing I don't like about Ryback is when he starts flapping his arms up and down and leading the crowd in "Feed me more" chants. For me, that is something that Ryder or Santino should do. If you are loved by the audience, then you should not have to start your own chant. The audience will do it on their own. Your thoughts on this?

I agree with you on that.  You don't need to beg!  And I also hate the march he does before hitting his finisher.  Santino should do that, not someone credible.

Do you think that if several of the bigger indie promotions got together and formed 1 big company (sort of like the NWA back in the territory days)that they could actually topple the almighty WWE to become the #1 wrestling company in the world? And if not #1 could they beat TNA to become #2.

Unless someone with a LOT of money was behind them, and they had a national TV deal on a strong network, I don't see any chance that it works.  And, that doesn't even take into account the egos that often derail projects like your idea.

What's going on with Mark Henry, retired or returning any time soon? He was a beast when he was champ. Too bad he seems injury prone & WWE didn't do anything with him earlier in his career.

He is rehabbing injuries and hoping to come back as soon as he is 100%.  I agree, he could have been used so much better by WWE.  It's more of the same where there booking is concerned.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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