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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-20 10:00:00
I read where former SHIMMER star Sara Del Rey had officially been signed by WWE. My congratulations to WWE on signing a very great and talented wrestler. I also read where she was expected to report to FCW soon. Why? Why should this woman who has been wrestling for a number of years now have to go to FCW? Why can't she bypass FCW and go on to either Raw or Smackdown? Hasn't she earned that right? She certainly doesn't need the training.

She was reporting to FCW as she's been hired as a trainer for the developmental talents.

My question is about the matches WWE has been pushing where the fans choose the type of match. Do fan votes really impact which type of match is made, or does creative just come up with a set of stipulations and fabricate results? It always seems silly to have a steel cage match as an option when there is no cage above the ring.

The voting is legitimate. They would just construct the cage the old fashioned way.

Which do you expect to take place first? Raw going from three to two hours on Monday or TNA's Impact Wrestling being taped for Thursday instead of being viewed live?

I hope neither happens but my guess is TNA will be taped before Raw contracts to two hours.

What's the latest on TNA Knockout stars Rosita, Sarita and Mickie James?

All remain under contract.

With the recent drop in TNA viewership do you think the problem is the recent increased presence of Hulk Hogan? I know he is a great star but isn't there such a thing as too much of a good thing?

It's quite possible. I don't know that I blame Hogan as much as the segments he's in are often devoid of most logic, which could lead to a viewer throwing up their hands and reaching for the remote.

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