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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-19 10:00:00
I'm a big fan of Deadspin's "Virgilbag" section every week. I know I've read on one occasion where Jim Ross said the story written about him was completely false. How accurate do you think these wrestler encounter stories are?

Each one depends on the writer. There are certainly encounters there that are legitimate. However, there are some that seem really out of character and place for talents. I recall one being forwarded to me about Mick Foley with a stripper on his lap while driving in ECW and I thought, "That absolutely never happened." So, take the stories, especially as the popularity of the piece grows, with a big grain of salt. It's wrestling, so some of it's gonna be a work!

After Beth Phoenix finishes with WWE sometime in October do you see her eventually signing with TNA either this year or in 2013. Is she under a 90 day no compete clause or is she free & clear to go anywhere and sign with anyone immediately?

She will have a 90 day no compete and I get the impression she just wants to be away from the business for a bit.

With Hulk Hogan filing lawsuits left and right about the infamous sex tape will he be serving one to himself? After all he isn't the innocent victim in all this is he? He should sue himself. What do you think? My judgement: Hulk Hogan should resign from TNA immediately. TNA shouldn't suffer from his stupidity. That wouldn't be fair.

If Hogan didn't tape himself or release the tape, he's not culpable. He's not quitting TNA. Just not going to happen.

Whatever happened to Torrie Wilson?

She lives in Los Angeles and is pursuing an acting career.

Mike Johnson recently responded to a question about current Divas champion Eve Torres and WWE's attempt to give her various character moods. Could that be it? Eve Torres is showing the characteristics of three persons. Another version the Three Faces of Eve so to speak.

They aren't thinking that deeply about the Divas on the creative side, so no.

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