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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-22 17:00:00 has posted a new video clip from their forthcoming documentary on The Dynamite Kid, with Harry Smith discussing the end of the British Bulldogs tag team and how contentious the relationship at the end was between the two at this link.

The Kickstarter campaign for the documentary has raised a little over $6,300 so far for additional production and expenses, thus far. You can find out more (and extras you receive if you donate) below: issued the following:


Recently the video crew traveled to Manchester, England where they spent three days with the world-renowned wrestling legend known as Dynamite Kid. Their purpose for the trip initially was fairly straight forward – they had traveled to England to conduct the very first video shoot interview of any kind with the reclusive wrestling legend. However after spending that time with Dynamite they knew a normal “shoot interview” would not do justice to this particular individual.

“This man is an enigma, he is probably the most interesting and unique individual we’ve ever sat down with,” said video editor Jake Feuerbach. “They say that in wrestling you meet the best people and the worst people and sometimes it’s the same person. Judging by our time with Dynamite Kid, he is definitely that.”

When the Highspots crew returned from Manchester a new idea began to take shape: produce a full-fledged documentary on Dynamite Kid's amazing story using the four hours of interview footage conducted with Dynamite himself as well as conducting new interviews with those who knew him during his career. Dynamite Kid is one of wrestling’s most polarizing figures of all time. He is simultaneously idolized by some for his amazing athletic matches and detested by others who accuse him of brutal cruelty outside the ring. We want to talk to people who loved him and those who hated him. We want to talk to people in Calgary where Dynamite got his first taste of stardom. We want to talk to people in Japan where he is revered as one of the most revolutionary pro wrestlers of all time.

Our goal is to produce the definitive documentary on Dynamite Kid's life and career. We want to tell the story of the man, the performer and his impact on the world of wrestling. The unfortunate reality is that the pro wrestling fan base of today is a relatively small market for an undertaking this big, but it's a project we feel is worth attempting because his is a story that deserves to be told. For this we have turned to, a revolutionary funding platform where projects such as this one are brought to life through the direct financial contributions of others.

With the continued support of our great fans we can make this unbelievable project a reality. Funding for this ends on November 8th and the finished product, should be acquire all the necessary funding, is slated to be released in the first quarter of 2013. We encourage any of the fans who are interested in the possibility of a full-length Dynamite Kid documentary telling the complete story of this truly unique person and performer to visit our page at and pledge your financial support for the project.

We have many incentives such as autographed photos, action figures and copies of Dynamite's autobiography "Pure Dynamite." This is a project that we desperately want to bring to life and to do that we need YOUR support!

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