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By Kaleb Perkins on 2012-10-17 12:14:31

Here is this week's edition of "What was cut from Raw on Hulu."

*The Alberto Del Rio vs. Brodus Clay match. It was an alright match, but it was too short. The match just goes to show how far Brodus has fallen from the beginning of the year.

*The backstage segment with CM Punk/Paul Heyman. They talk about Punk facing Vince, but I think no one wants to see that again.

*The entrances Team CoBro vs. Prime Time Players.

*The Vickie Guerrero/Dolph Ziggler/David Otunga promo about Ryback, with an appearance from AJ Lee, which leads into...

*The Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler/David Otunga handicap match. It was your typical Ryback match, nothing to see here. By the way, "The Big Hungry" may be the dumbest nickname in the history of pro wrestling.

*The backstage segment with Paul Heyman and Mr. McMahon. Heyman talks Vince about what Punk proposed, but Vince countered with himself vs. Heyman, which would interesting, if it happened a decade ago.

*The backstage segment with Matt Striker and AJ Lee, who was looking very sexy last night. Striker says the "c-word', i.e. "crazy", not the other one, and has a match with Kane. Oh joy. By the way, Hulu shows this match, but not the setup?

*The "John Cena betrays his favorite team to be a Honorary Captain for his rival" segment. I think that's all that needs to be said about loyalty from Cena.

*The Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel match, with an appearance from the Goldman Box. Does Hulu has bias against Cesaro matches, because this is the 2nd week that his match was cut.

*The MizTV segment with Miz and Kofi Kingston. It setup not only their match on Main Event, but also setup a match between the two later in the evening. It was a decent segment, but nothing special.

*The Divas Title Match with Eve Torres and Layla. It was actually not a bad match. It was no Trish vs. Lita, but that's a given with the women they have on the roster.

*The feature on WWE's involvement with Nothing but Nets. I applaud what WWE does with their charities, so I won't bash them for that.

*The backstage segment with Kane and Daniel Bryan. If you seen one segment with them, you've seen them all.

*The segment with 3MB invading a bar. Yeah, this is the definition of a nothing segment.

*The Rhodes Scholars vs. The Colon Cousins. Very good tag match. It's a shame that it got cut.

*The commentary for Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz was cut for some unknown reason. It's quite strange to see a match without any commentary.

That will do it for me this week. Thanks for reading, and until next week, have a good week.


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