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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-16 09:59:00

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Why is it when like say, Hogan, Kurt Angle or, someone older in TNA is asked about young guys stepping up in TNA, they always bring up Joe, Styles, Storm, Roode, etc.. Aren't these guys considered veterans at this point? I mean they've all been in the business 10 or so years with, Joe (33), Styles (35), Storm (35), Roode (35), Kaz (35)... What I'm saying is, these guys aren't "spring chickens" anymore and are in there "prime years." I just sometimes feel like AJ Styles will be 40 one day yet, they will still act like he's a "young, up & comer." Thoughts?

I couldn't agree more.  I feel the exact same way when I hear those guys mentioned that way.

When do you guys expect Jericho back in WWE and why don't they give him a Lesnar-esque deal?

Jericho will be back when he feels the urge to wrestle again.  The door is always open for him.  He doesn't want a Lesnar deal because his deal is better as he comes and goes as he pleases.

Will WWE keep JR on after King comes back? Do you see JR still being part of the RAW announce desk at the end of 2012?

I would love to see that be the case but I think if Lawler returns to full health, JR will probably go back to the role that he was in before Lawler's heart attack.  He has been working the NXT tapings and helping with the young talent.  I see him continuing in that role (and Lord knows WWE needs help in creating new talent).

What can be done to bring the Intercontinental and US championships back to the prominence and prestige they deserve? Personally as a fan of both the old school and new school it saddens me to see both belts treated like this.

Honestly, I don't see any real way to do it.  They have two top belts in the World and WWE Titles and they take precedence.  Plus, they don't have enough over talent right now to make those titles matter.  That leaves mid-card guys to vie for the belts and those same guys are then fed to the top talent.  So, the titles will continue to languish.

Can you explain to me the difference between EVOLVE and Dragon Gate USA? I know they share roster and talent and recognize each others story lines, but is there a difference between the two companies? Why not just have one company instead of 2?

The main difference is that the Dragon Gate USA company uses Japanese talents. 

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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