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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-15 09:59:00

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TNA keeps having solid shows but less than stellar ratings. WWE is abysmal and can't seem to push anybody that doesn't sell pink hats or squash jobbers in pairs. My question, is TNA in a position to make a play for guys like Dolph Ziggler and The Miz? The schedule would be better and they would most certainly get pushed. Is money the biggest factor keeping TNA from getting those types of guys?

Things haven't gotten to that point yet.  There is still a lot more money for those guys in WWE than in TNA and TNA is being careful with who they extend contracts too.  At this point, WWE is still better for those guys.  They are still working their way up.  Now down the road, yeah I could see it becoming more viable for older guys looking to wind down.

Do you think Michael Elgin will get picked up by WWE or TNA in the future? He’s been having amazing matches all year in ROH and PWG, and he is scary strong. Thoughts?

I think he has a great chance of getting signed.  I just hope that if he gets in either place he gets a legitimate shot to succeed.

Do you think the Raw ratings slide has anything to do with turning Punk heel? He was great as a face and seemed like he was just starting to get this breaks, i.e. WWE 13 cover, going on TV shows, cover of USA Today, then they take his legs out from under him. Seems more than just a coincidence to me. Thanks

I think it definitely turned some fans off.  They didn't want to boo Punk, but WWE didn't care and pushed it down our throats anyway.  What has made matters worse is the kind of heel they have booked him as.  They have really blown it with how they have used him.

Obviously in recent weeks the creative problems relating to the 3 hour Raw shows have been discussed to death, but one question I don't recall seeing is which side of the agreement wanted 3 hours. Obviously both sides agreed on it once brought up but who approached who about it? Did WWE beg for a third hour that they clearly aren't producing the goods on or was it the network pushing for more programming?

As I understand it, USA came to WWE to do the third hour.  They were looking for a younger demographic in the 8 p.m. hour.

If, say AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, or any of the homegrown TNA guys that's never been in WWE decided to go to WWE.. Do you think WWE would make them go to developmental? Also, do you think the WWE fan-base would know who they are? I always see stuff about "what if this guy jumped ship?" As much as I enjoy the veteran homegrown TNA guys (especially Bobby Roode), I don't think they could come in to WWE and the crowd know who it is and, I don't think it could be treated as a "Look who it is! They made the jump!" type of debut.. What are your thoughts?

When AJ talked to WWE years ago, they wanted him to go to developmental so he refused to even go there.  It's 50/50 as to what they would do now.  They obviously need talent, but WWE can be very bull-headed where incoming talents are concerned.  It would keep me from signing if I were them.  I think those guys would be known by some fans, but probably less than half of them.

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