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By Steven Fernandes on 2012-10-14 13:03:05
Hulk Hogan posted the following on his twitter:

"Sting at HOFAME was awesome,major love for him in the whole room,TNA said no tux,no suit,I felt out of place but tonight was great HH4Life"

"Great night at Hall Of Fame,Sting is such a great,honest,spiritual,loyal man.Im just glad the world heard how special he is to all of us HH"

"TNA fans know who I really am now,my new life and my new spirit,the love and support completely over whelmed me yesterday,thanks loyal fansH"

"Now BOUND FOR GLORY tonight PPV will set the vibe of our company for at least the next 6months,we will find out who everybody is very soonHH"

TNA posted photos and video from last night's Hall of Fame induction and fan interaction at this link.

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