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By Jeff Zinger on 2012-10-14 09:48:08
I was pretty much first row right off the side to the announcers and their monitor kept going out, perhaps 2-3 times for a total of 25-30 minutes and they were pissed. We thought it could be the stream but obviously it wasn't based on all the positive feedback.

During the Briscoes match, one of the lighting rigs kept going on and off and then the sound system starting screwing up a bit during Kevin Steen's entrance but that fixed itself so overall the show was pretty good technically.

I don't know what the crowd was but it was the best crowd out of the four live events that ROH have run in Mississauga. I am guessing 800-900.

Michael Elgin wasn't near as over as one might think but it was more because Kevin Steen had so many fans. There were lots of dueling chants though.

Mike Mondo was limping bad after his match.

Truth Martini's bump looked brutal live.

In a smart move, ROH had an offer where fans could pay 5 bucks to get a card with a code to watch the iPPV replay on the website.

When the live show was over, you could see the production people up in a window at the venue and they were high-fiving and literally jumping for joy after the show.

The crowd was HOT for most of the matches so it will be interesting to watch it on DVD as the crowd heat never seems to come across as well on DVD compared to live.

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