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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-14 09:59:00

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Mr. McMahon state of the union on Raw and AJ was nowhere in sight. Could AJ be out as GM?

She is not but they made it very clear that when Vince is there, she goes to the background.

So, Hulk Hogan has a sex tape doing the rounds. Am I alone in failing to believe anything he says about it (indeed anything he says at all) and so thinks it's all a work?

I am always skeptical where Hogan is concerned.  Would it shock me to find out that he had something to do with it being released right before he was scheduled to do a media tour, only to have interest in it heighten and for him to get a piece of the proceeds?  Nope, it wouldn't.

When Edge won the first Money in the Bank briefcase it seemed like he cashed it in out of no where.. I mean that in the sense that throughout 2005 you almost forgot he had the briefcase at times.. It seems like the past few MITB briefcase holders always tease the cash in.. Do you think it would be more effective if WWE went back to the way they handled Edge's first cash in? I think so because, it made it a big surprise and, he didn't look so weak by doing all of the nonsensical attempts that had no effect.. What are your thoughts?

I think the MITB concept is bit long in the tooth, mostly because creative has done such a poor job of creating guys that we as fans see as being on the cusp of greatness.  They need to make guys look like credible threats instead of buffoons.  With that said, your idea is better than what they have done with Dolph Ziggler, for sure.

Hi guys. With Bound For Glory this week, I'm a little disappointed with the card. Sure the 2 main events involving Hardy, Aries, Storm and Roode will be great but everything else seems a little stale to me. Opinions?

I think that there is a lot less buzz than their should be.  TNA was humming along with a really good product and an interesting angle with Aces and 8's, and then Hulk Hogan came back.  He has gummed things up a lot.  I think the viewership numbers bear that out.

You're getting this a lot today, but Punk's pretty much gone, right (it's been too quiet)? Both USA and WWE have advertisers and shareholders to think about. While it could have been much worse, the more people bring up Ron Artest, the worse this is going to look for Punk. I hate it. I bought the DVD, been a big supporter since I saw him at the Fairgrounds in TNA and said, "This is the guy." But given the corporate culture and the political season, this is worse than a three-time wellness violation.

Nah, they saw it for what it was and he's fine.

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