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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-13 07:56:19
Pro Wrestling Syndicate, with their unique mix of eclectic names and independent talent, again drew a strong house to the Rahway Rec Center last night. We have a full report on the front page of the site but here are some additional news and notes:

*Fred "Shockmaster" Ottman was there and made an appearance as the character, mask and all, to announce intermission. He didn't, sadly, fall, but that may be a good thing, as he was on crutches.

*They announced the November return would feature actor Dennis Haskins, aka Mr. Belding on the immortal "Saved By The Bell" series would be wrestling PWS champion Kevin Matthews. The storyline is that he messed with Matthews and the top heel group Reality Check at the last show so now Matthews wants revenge. The Belding appearance last time led to a ton of local and national publicity for the group, so obviously they are going to try and get some more of that. It's a wacky idea but hey, for this group, wacky works.

*Star Man is way over as a character. For those who haven't seen the character, it's basically a character literally lifted out of an old Nintendo wrestling game dressed from head to toe in pink with a purple star over his head. The gimmick is that he's the actual character lifted from the game so he comes out to this 80s game music, pauses during the game as if he is frozen and walks like an 80s sprite character would. He was brought out as a surprise challenger to Kevin Matthews' PWS title at the end of the night and the place went nuts. The closest thing I can draw an analogy to would be Mikey Whipwreck in ECW where this lark of a character has just taken on its own identity and the fans have made him their own.

Sami Callihan was at the show visiting. He was originally set for a tour of the UK this weekend but that didn't come through. There were plans to have him do a promo and then when he arrived, as they say, plans change.

*Brittney Savage, who regularly works here, took part in the latest WWE developmental tryout camp.

Lots of strong work up and down the card from the NYWC talents. If you are overlooking that promotion, you are missing out on the next great generation of talents.

Last night's show was originally planned as an iPPV but they dropped those plans due to issues with production costs with the provider they were working with. I believe iPPV is on hold for now.

The next event on 11/9 will also feature Jerry Lynn vs. Colt Cababa, Dan Maff vs. Manu, Rene Dupree, Matt Hardy, Callihan and more.

Already announced for the promotion's 12/7 event is Mantaur vs. Tito Santana with the theme of the "Bull vs. The Bullfighter."

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