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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-13 10:00:00
I always wondered what the situation was like backstage between the talent for both WWE and ECW the night ECW was able to showcase on Raw before Barely Legal, was it tense, attitudes?

ECW had its own locker room that night but there were no issues between the two sides. Everyone got along.

If the presence of Vince McMahon did indeed bring countless fans back to Raw could the possibility of Stephanie McMahon on Raw be far behind?

It's a possibility but Stephanie hasn't been at TV a lot as she's been helping to raise her children. I don't see her wanting to go back on the road for more than a cameo here or there.

Now that Kelly Kelly is no longer with WWE will she still go by the name Kelly Kelly? Isn't the name Kelly Kelly owned by WWE? Will she be going by her original name?

WWE owns Kelly Kelly. She is now using her Barbara Blank name.

Whatever happened to Rick Martel?

Martel is retired and living in Canada. I believe he is working in real estate.

Will WWE release any of their Youtube shows on DVD?

Some of the material may be used on DVD releases down the line, but I don't think the company will release DVDs made sorely of those YT series.

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