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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-13 08:02:52

October 13th

On this day in history in ....

1967 - Professor Toru Tanaka defeats WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania when the match is stopped due to Sammartino's excessive bleeding.  However, Tanaka was not awarded the title, since the champion was not pinned or forced to submit.

1975 - WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defended his title against Ivan Koloff, the man who ended his first title reign in 1971, at the building where the loss took place, Madison Square Garden in New York City.  The match ended in a draw after a 20-minute brawl when the referee ruled that both men were bleeding too heavily to continue.  A slew of wrestlers had to come out to separate the two. This was the first of three straight MSG shows headlined by the two, culminating a few months later in the first steel cage match ever held at Madison Square Garden.

1981 - Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito defeat Tony Garea & Rick Martel for the WWWF World Tag Team Title in Allentown, Pennsylvania, when Martel had salt thrown in his eyes as he went for a flying bodypress. This ended Garea & Martel's second title reign.

1985 - Ivan & Nikita Koloff defeat The Rock N' Roll Express (Rick Morton & Robert Gibson) for the NWA World Tag Team Title in Charlotte, North Carolina. This began the second reign for the Koloffs, who actually lose the belts to Morton & Gibson three months earlier when Ivan & Krusher Khrushchev defended (and lost) the belts.

1990 - WWF airs their 28th Saturday Night's Main Event special on NBC, earning a 7 broadcast rating. The show featured five matches taped on September 18th in Toledo, Ohio. Here are the results of the matches on the show:
- The Legion Of Doom & The Ultimate Warrior defeated Demolition (Ax, Smash & Crush) when Ultimate Warrior pinned Smash with a splash.
- Randy Savage defeated Dusty Rhodes via countout.
- Hulk Hogan & Tugboat defeated Greg Valentine & The Honky Tonk Man via DQ after Honky hit Tugboat with his guitar.
- Sgt. Slaughter defeated Koko B. Ware via submission with the camel clutch.
- Intercontinental Champion Kerry Von Erich defeated Haku with a discus punch.

1992 - Money, Inc. (Ted DiBiase & IRS) defeat The Natural Disasters (Typhoon & Earthquake) for the WWF Tag Team Title in Regina, Saskatchewan to begin their second title reign.

1997 - The Monday Night Wars continued, and this time the spotlight focused on tag teams, as both shows featured World Tag Team Title changes. WCW Monday Nitro on TNT scored the win over WWF Monday Night Raw on USA, 3.8 to 2.3

WCW Nitro, from Tampa, Florida saw Rick & Scott Steiner become five time WCW World Tag Team Champions, defeating Scott Hall & Syxx (subbing for Kevin Nash) when Larry Zbyszko came in as a substitute referee and counted Rick's pin of Hall after a bulldog. ... Other results from the show saw: Cruiserweight Champion Eddie Guerrero defeat Psicosis. ... Steve McMichael defeated Steven Regal. ... Yuji Nagata defeated Chris Jericho. ... Bill Goldberg defeated Scotty Riggs. ... Dean Malenko defeated Rey Mysterio, Jr. ... Scott Norton defeated Ray Traylor. ... Television Champion Disco Inferno defeated Alex Wright. ... U.S. Champion Curt Hennig vs. Dallas Page ended in a no-contest after interference from Ric Flair, Roddy Piper and the NWO.

Raw, which was taped in Topeka, Kansas on October 7th, saw The Legion Of Doom (Road Warriors) defeat The Godwinns to become two-time WWF World Tag Team Champions. The rest of the show saw: Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart vs. Faarooq wrestle to a double countout. ... Max Mini & Nova defeat Tarantula & Mosaic. ... Shawn Michaels defeated Flash Funk. ... The DOA defeated The Truth Commission. ... Brian Christopher defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri. ... Goldust defeated Savio Vega. ... Ahmed Johnson vs. Triple H ended in a no contest.

2001 - The NWA World Heavyweight Title was held up when Steve Corino was unable to continue during a title defense against Shinya Hashimoto in St. Petersburg, Florida.

2003 - WWE broadcast Raw from the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with Bill Goldberg & Shawn Michaels defeating Ric Flair, Randy Orton & Mark Henry in a handicap match when Goldberg pinned Henry with a Jackhammer. After the match, Michaels superkicked Goldberg as payback for Goldberg spearing him the week before.  However, the show is better remembered for Steve Austin running off Scott Steiner as he was threatening Stacy Keibler.  Then, during his customary beer bash, Austin gave Stacy a stunner when she refused to drink beer.

2006 - WWE Films' The Marine starring John Cena opened in theaters.  It ranked 6th for Friday evening, earning an estimated $2,250,000.   Over the course of it's theatrical run, the film made $22,165,608 worldwide.

2006 - WWE broadcast Smackdown.  Richard Tronfo filed the following TV report:

It is time to see the fallout from Sunday's No Mercy pay per view as the Smackdown brand returns to action. We saw the return of Chris Benoit as he faced William Regal. Will we see any surprised on tonight's Friday the Thirteenth episode of Smackdown? Will we hear from Kristal or Ashley about Tuesday night's Extreme Strip Poker? What is next for the MVP after his debut against Marty Garner? What is next for Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero? Will King Booker restore his Court after Sir William Regal attacked him on Sunday? What is next for the tag team champions and how long will it be before we see them on television again? Will Gregory Helms wrestle anyone other than Matt Hardy and actually defend his Cruiserweight Title? Has the Miz recovered from his birthday surprise? (or more important, have we recovered from that surprise?)

We begin tonight's show with a look at No Mercy starting off with Undertaker getting disqualified against Ken Kennedy despite Kennedy hitting a piledriver. Then we see footage from the Rey Mysterio/Chavo Guerrero falls count anywhere match. Then we go to footage from the Fatal Four Way when King Booker retained his title.

We are live on tape from Jacksonville, Florida and your announcers are Michael Cole and JBL.

Before our first match, Ken Kennedy gets on the mic and he says that about a month ago he asked Teddy Long to be transferred to Raw because he had beaten everyone. Teddy said that Kennedy had not beaten the Undertaker. He beat the Undertaker at No Mercy. It does not matter how he beat the Undertaker because it is all about wins and losses. That is not good enough for Teddy as he has not been granted his release. Kennedy says that he is going to defend his title against a man he never beat on Smackdown. If he wins, he goes to Raw. He wants to see who his opponent is so he can beat him and get off this stupid show once and for all.

Match Number One: Ken Kennedy versus Chris Benoit for the United States Title
Kennedy attacks Benoit as Chris enters the ring. Benoit chops and punches Kennedy. Benoit with knees to Kennedy followed by a running knee to the chest. Benoit with another chop and forearm. Benoit with a snap suplex for a two count and Kennedy goes outside the ring to regroup. Benoit goes out after Kennedy and he connects with a forearm and then he brings Kennedy back into the ring. Kennedy tries for the Crippler Crossface but Kennedy gets to the ropes. Benoit with kicks and a forearm. Kennedy with a forearm, but Benoit responds with a forearm and chops. Benoit with an Irish whip and back body drop. Benoit with a front face lock and then he backs Kennedy into the corner and connects with a knee. Benoit with a German suplex and Kennedy goes outside the ring to catch a breather. Benoit goes out after Kennedy and Kennedy punches Benoit, but Benoit sends Kennedy's head into the ring apron. The action returns to the ring and Benoit slams Kennedy and then he tries for the Sharpshooter, but Kennedy gets to the ropes. Benoit with knees to Kennedy's head and a belly-to-back suplex for a two count. Kennedy with a rake of the eyes, but Benoit with a kick and then he drops Kennedy on the top rope and Kennedy goes to the apron. Benoit with punches and forearms, but Kennedy with a knee and punches. Kennedy sends Benoit's head into the turnbuckle. Kennedy goes up top and Benoit stops Kennedy and he hits a press slam. Benoit goes up top and he hits the diving head butt. Benoit locks in the Sharpshooter but Kennedy gets to the ropes. Benoit pulls Kennedy back into the ring and he locks in the Crippler Crossface but Kennedy is in the ropes. Kennedy leaves the ring and we go to commercial.

We are back and Benoit continues to dominate the match as he hits a head butt. Benoit with a punch and a knee to the head. Benoit with a forearm and an Irish whip, but Kennedy with a forearm to Benoit's back and then he sends Benoit shoulder first into the ring post. Kennedy wrings Benoit's arm into the post. Kennedy with a slam followed by an elbow drop for a two count. Kennedy works on the arm, but Benoit punches the champion. Kennedy sends Benoit shoulder first into the ring post one more time. Benoit chops Kennedy on the floor but Kennedy punches Benoit and they return to the ring. Benoit chops Kennedy but Kennedy hits Divorce Court on Benoit for a two count. Kennedy works on Benoit's injured arm. Kennedy puts Benoit in a hammer lock and then he slams Benoit with the arm in the hammer lock. Benoit with a double leg take down and he tries to put Kennedy into the Sharpshooter, but Kennedy powers out. Kennedy with a knee to Benoit's arm. Kennedy with a snap mare and then he returns to the arm. The Undertaker's music starts and the lights go blue at the Fist. Benoit chops Kennedy and then he sends Kennedy into the turnbuckle. Benoit with a German suplex and the Undertaker appears under the giant Fist. Benoit with the Hat Trick German suplex combination. Benoit puts Kennedy in the Crippler Crossface and Kennedy taps. We go to commercial.
Winner: Chris Benoit (new United States Champion)

We are back with a WWE 24/7 This Week in Wrestling History Moment. A look back at the problems between Vince McMahon and Steve Austin escalate in 1998 as Steve Austin destroys Vince's Corvette using a cement truck.

Cole and Bradshaw talk about the Raw Family Reunion. Cole mentions that it was the return of Vince McMahon. We see Vince's announcement that at Cyber Sunday, Booker T, John Cena, and the Big Show will wrestle to determine the "Champion of Champions."

We see King Booker and Queen Sharmell with Teddy "Thaddeus" Long. Booker wants to know why. As King and ruler of Smackdown and what he did by vanquishing Batista, Lashley, and Finlay at No Mercy; why does he have to defend the title next week? Booker says that Teddy is a smart man. Does he want Booker to get prepared for the match at Cyber Sunday because Teddy knows that Booker is the only man who can get the job done? Teddy tells Booker the reason why. Finlay defeated Booker last week, Lashley holds a victory over Booker as well; and so does Batista. Booker wants to know if Finlay is going to change his mind and then we have a stare down between Booker and Long. We go to commercial.

We are back and we get a look at Regal's bad day on Sunday while looking for Fit Finlay. We see Regal wearing ketchup and mustard after confronting Vito. Then we see footage of Regal's match with Benoit.

Match Number Two: Sir William Regal versus Lady Vito
Regal with a kick and forearms. Regal with a back elbow and side head lock take down. Vito with a head scissors and Regal goes out of the ring. Vito punches Regal on the apron and then Vito tries to suplex Regal back into the ring but Regal blocks it and he pulls Vito out of the ring. Regal with a kick to the head that sends Vito into the ring steps. Regal rolls Vito back into the ring and he kicks, punches, and knees Vito followed by crossfaces and forearms to the head. Regal with a full nelson but Vito gets out of the hold. Regal with a half nelson suplex for a two count. Regal with forearms and punches to Vito in the corner. The referee tells Regal to back off while Vito staggers into the corner. Regal with a hard Irish whip followed by a knee to the back and a rear chin lock. Vito gets to the ropes. Vito with punches to Regal followed by a back body drop. Regal charges into knees from Vito followed by a kick. Vito goes up top and he pulls up his dress but misses an elbow drop. Regal gets a two count. Regal and Vito exchange punches and forearms. Regal tries for a sunset flip and Vito does not go over and he drops down to get the three count.
Winner: Vito

Bobby Lashley is in the interview area and he is asked if he can handle the pressure of being the champion. Bobby says that apparently Cole does not know him because he does not scream or yell and say outlandish things. He just goes out and does thing. He has wrestled in world championship matches as an amateur. He earned his shot to be the number one contender. Next week, they will probably be asking him how it will feel to face King Booker for the title. Then the following week, he says that they will probably be asking him how it feels to be the champion. He welcomes pressure. We go to commercial.

We are back and before our next match, Montel Vontavious Porter gets a mic. Porter says that we have a problem, an MVP sized problem. He says that there is no competition for him on Smackdown. He says that Teddy Long is playing him and trying to make him look stupid. Porter says that his opponent was a world renowned fighting machine, but he defeated him. For his wrestling debut on Smackdown, he is begging for some competition, someone he can sink his teeth into. Someone who can make him work.

Teddy Long comes out and he does the walk of the swinging arms to the ring. Teddy says that MVP wants some competition and someone he can sink his teeth into. After this match, he might not have any teeth. Teddy says that it is going to get hot in here.

Match Number Three: Montel Vontavious Porter versus Kane
Porter and Kane stand face to face, but he backs away. Porter stops the referee from calling for the bell and he stretches. Porter claims that he has something in his eye but Kane goes after him on the floor and he sends Porter into the ringside barrier and the ring apron. Kane with an uppercut and kicks to Porter's head. Kane hot shots Porter on the ringside barrier. Kane sends Porter into the ring post and then he punches Porter on the floor. Kane slams Porter's head into the ring steps. Porter with a rake of the eyes and he goes to the back.

Since his movie is being released tonight, it is time to take a look at John Cena visiting Parris Island.

Before our next match, Vickie Guerrero and Chavo Guerrero come out. Chavo says that they came out to say hello and he promises that they will not interfere in the match. We go to commercial.

Match Number Four: Jamie Noble versus Rey Mysterio
We join the match in progress and Noble and Mysterio exchange forearms. Noble with a knee to Mysterio followed by a forearm to the back. Rey with a satellite head scissors but Noble sends Rey into the turnbuckles. Noble with a chop but Rey with a series of kicks. Noble with a hard Irish whip followed by a forearm. Noble charges into a boot, but Noble with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Noble with a slam followed by a snap leg drop for a near fall. Noble with a rear chin lock. Noble hits a running knee to the head and he gets a two count. Noble with a rear waist lock and then he tries for a butterfly suplex but Rey blocks it. Noble with a sunset flip but Rey rolls through and he kicks Noble. Rey with a quebrada for a two count. Rey with a rana to Noble and then he hits a springboard senton splash. Noble with a scoop power slam to Rey for a two count. Rey flips out of a belly-to-back suplex and he gives Noble a drop toe hold and Rey hits the 619 and a springboard leg drop for the three count.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

After the match, Chavo congratulates Rey for his victory and then he wants to know if Rey is proud. He wants to know if Rey is proud of driving Chavo to the lowest point of his career. Rey wants to know what Chavo is trying to say. Chavo says that he is lower now than he was when he quit wrestling. When he thinks about losing to Rey at No Mercy and the Raw Reunion, it makes him sick. Rey says that Chavo is going crazy and he is losing it. Chavo says that as long as they are on the same brand, it is not over. The only way to finish this is to have one of them quit. Chavo challenges Rey to an "I Quit" match next week. If Chavo loses, he will quit; but if Rey loses, he must quit. Rey reminds Chavo that he beat Chavo on Sunday and Monday. Now Rey know if Chavo wants to get beat again. Vickie says that she figured this out. The difference between Eddie and Rey is not in their last name. She says that Eddie had balls. Rey says that he will prove to both of them what Rey Mysterio is about. Rey promises that the words "Quit" will be coming out of Chavo's mouth. We go to commercial.

We are back and Maryse welcomes us back to Smackdown.

Match Number Five: Paul London, Brian Kendrick, and Jimmy Wang Yang versus KC James, Idol Stevens, and Sylvan
Sylvan and Kendrick start things off and Sylvan sends Kendrick into his corner. Kendrick fights his way out of the corner and all six men are in the ring until Kendrick, London, and Yang clear the ring. London and Yang with suicide dives onto Stevens and James. Kendrick comes off the ropes but Sylvan hits a clothesline and he follows that with knees. Sylvan chokes Kendrick in the ropes. Stevens holds Kendrick and James hits a knee to the back from the second turnbuckle. Sylvan tags in and he kicks Kendrick. Sylvan knocks Yang off the apron and then he hits a fallaway slam for a two count. Kendrick with a forearm and then he tags in Yang. Yang with clotheslines followed by a jumping back kick and a running spin kick. James breaks up the cover and that also brings in London and Stevens. Stevens and James charge at London, but London low bridges and Stevens and James go over the top rope to the floor. London hits a pescado. Kendrick hits a face buster from a neck breaker position and then Yang hits an Asai moonsault for the three count.
Winners: Paul London, Brian Kendrick, and Jimmy Wang Yang

Time for the Raw Rebound.

Sir Fit Finlay is in the interview area and he is asked what type of a world champion he will be assuming he can get past his opponents tonight. Finlay questions Cole "assuming" and he threatens to come to the ring to attack Cole. Finlay says that he will be the best champion you will ever see because he will be a fighting champion. After he wins, people will not be kissing his feet. He will knock out Lashley''s teeth and he will beat Batista. We go to commercial.

We are back and Batista is in the interview area. He is asked about the roadblocks placed in front of him. Batista says that he does not want the title handed to him. He does not care if he has to go through two guys, or walk through walls. He is on a mission to regain his title.

We go to a video package on The Marine.

King Booker and Queen Sharmell come out to watch the main event as we go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Batista laying everyone out with spinebusters last week on Smackdown.

Match Number Six: Bobby Lashley versus Batista versus Sir Fit Finlay in a Number One Contender Match
Batista and Lashley stare each other down and then they look at Finlay and both men go after Finlay. Batista and Lashley with a double back elbow and Finlay goes out of the ring. Batista with shoulders to Lashley in the corner. Lashley runs Batista into the corner and Lashley with elbows. Lashley misses a charge into the corner, but Lashley with a kick. Lashley and Batista each with kicks to the head and both men are down. Finlay returns to the ring and he drops elbows and kicks Batista and Lashley. Finlay throws Batista out of the ring and then he hits Finlay with a European uppercut, kick, and knee drop. Lashley gets Finlay up and he hits a running power slam. Little Bastard comes into the ring and he stops the referee from making the count. Lashley chases the Little Bastard around the ring. Finlay leaps over the Little Bastard on the floor, but he is met with a clothesline from Finlay. We go to commercial.

We are back and Finlay has Lashley in a rear chin lock. We see footage of Lashley sending Batista into the ring post. Finlay kicks Lashley in the leg while Lashley responds with punches to Finlay. Batista returns to the ring and he punches Finlay and Lashley. Batista with a back elbow to Finlay and then he hits a standing power slam to Finlay and then he clotheslines Finlay over the top rope to the floor. Batista with a spinebuster to Lashley and then he sets for the Batista Bomb, but he takes too long and Finlay with a clothesline. Finlay and Lashley work on Batista on the floor, but Batista fights back. Batista slams Lashley and then Finlay into the ring steps. Batista rearranges the announce table. Batista gets Finlay up for an apparent power slam through the announce table, but Lashley kicks Batista. Batista tries to do the same to Lashley but Finlay kicks him. Finlay and Lashley with a double spinebuster and they sends Batista through the table. Lashley wants Finlay to come into the ring. Finlay with forearms and a short arm clothesline to Lashley. Finlay with a series of European uppercut. Lashley with a forearm, but Finlay goes for the eyes. Lashley with punches to Finlay. Lashley misses a drop kick when Finlay holds on to the ropes. Finlay with a senton splash and then he sends Lashley into the ring post. Finlay hits the Kryptonite Krunch on Lashley but Batista pulls Finlay out of the ring. Finlay kicks Batista in the head and then throws a part of the announce table at Batista. Finlay returns to the ring and Lashley with punches and a back elbow in the corner. Lashley presses Finlay over his head but Batista with a spear to Lashley. Batista clothesline Lashley when Finlay moves out of the way. Finlay with a clothesline to Batista but he can only get a two count. Little Bastard rolls a chair into the ring and then when the referee deals with the chair, Finlay hits Lashley with the shillelagh. Batista blocks Finlay's attempt to hit him with the shillelagh and then he hits a spinebuster and Batista Bomb for the three count.
Winner: Batista

After the match, Michael Cole tells King Booker that John Cena and Big Show will be there to watch their match. We go to credits.

2008 - Karen Angle and Johnny Devine both departed TNA.  Devine has yet to return but Angle, now Karen Jarrett, would return to an on air role years later.

2008 -Johnny Knoxville and the cast of Jackass were the guest hosts on Raw.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are less than two weeks from the interactive pay per view that you don’t even need a computer to vote. We already know three matches for the pay per view. Will any new matches be announced tonight? What will Chris Jericho to get ready for his match against Batista? What is next for CM Punk as he continues to battle against Randy Orton and his rag tag group of second generation wrestlers? What is next for Randy Orton and what will he talk about this week? Will we see one of the other couples on the Raw brand challenge Santino and Beth for supremacy? What will Mike Adamle do on this week’s show? Will we see any more video packages about John Cena? What will happen when Johnny Knoxville faces the Great Khali in a WWE ring?

Chris Jericho is with Mike Adamle and he says that Mike did not keep up his bargain. Mike said that Chris was temporarily in charge. Mike says that if it wasn’t for him, Chris Jericho wouldn’t be the champion. Mike says that Batista will pick Chris Jericho’s opponent and Jericho will choose Batista’s opponent. Jericho says that he is the brand’s biggest asset. Chris says that he will go over Adamle’s head to Shane and Stephanie. Adamle says that Shane and Stephanie turn off their phones during the show

Chris Jericho is walking in the back and he sees Candice Michelle and Mickie James text. Jamie Noble is with them and he is not texting.

We are live from Anaheim, California and your announcers are Michael ‘Does anyone know of a show on Thursday nights that pushes the WWE product for two hours’ Cole and Jerry ‘I work a few matches a year, where is my title match’ Lawler.

Chris Jericho comes out and he wants to make something clear. It is bad enough that he has to face Batista in two weeks at Cyber Sunday, but Mike Adamle has given the power to the WWE Universe to choose his referee. Every choice is flawed. He called Randy Orton irrelevant and this would give him the chance to be relevant. Then there is Shawn Michaels. Chris goes through the list of things he did to Shawn and says that Shawn could not be impartial. Then there is Steve Austin. Jericho reminds us that he beat the Rock and Steve Austin to become the first Undisputed Champion. He says that Austin would give him a stunner. Jericho says that it is not right and he wants Shane and Stephanie to abolish these stipulations. His reign should not end due to an unbiased official, or a biased one. It should not be due to the hypocrites and their cell phones. By not getting rid of the stipulations, they are giving Batista the title.

Shawn Michaels interrupts Jericho and he comes out. Shawn eventually makes his way to the ring at an Orton/Nash pace. Shawn tells Chris that nothing would thrill him more than to be able to tell him that if he is voted as the special referee at Cyber Sunday, that he would put their differences aside and he would call things down the middle. Shawn says that it would be better for Jericho to win so he can challenge him for the title and win it from Jericho. Shawn says that he cannot tell Jericho that. If he is voted in as referee, he will make sure that Cyber Sunday is the worst day of his life. Shawn says that he is not a politician and he is not going to beg for votes. He says that he will do what Obama and McCain want to do to each other. Michaels punches Jericho and Jericho leaves the ringside area.

Jericho returns and he says that he decided who Batista’s opponent will be tonight, and Batista will face Shawn Michaels. We go to commercial.

We are back with a WWE Rewind: Matt Hardy and Rey versus Mark Henry and Kane from last week.

We get to choose the stipulation for Rey Mysterio and Kane’s match at Cyber Sunday. They are Falls Count Anywhere, No Holds Barred, or Two out of Three Falls Match.

We see Johnny Knoxville in the crowd.

Match Number One: Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy versus Kane and Mark Henry with Tony Atlas
Hardy and Henry start things off and Hardy with punches to Henry as he avoids Henry. Hardy with running forearms but Henry stays up. Henry with a slam but he misses an elbow drop. Hardy with an elbow from the turnbuckles and he hits a second one. Hardy sets for a third one and he turns it into a tornado DDT for a two count. Hardy waves his arms for the Twist of Fate but Henry escapes the hold. Hardy punches Kane but that allows Henry to hit Hardy from behind. Henry with a punch and Kane is tagged in. Kane with punches to Hardy and then he connects with a running shoulder into the corner. Kane with a hard Irish whip and Henry is tagged in.

Henry with forearms to the back and then he works on the neck. Henry with a neck vise on Hardy followed by a forearm. Henry with a big boot to a charging Hardy. Kane tags in and he gets a near fall. Kane with a reverse chin lock. Kane with an Irish whip but he charges into a boot. Kane with a punch to Hardy and then he tries for a power slam but Hardy counters with a double underhook DDT and both men are down. Rey is tagged in and he hits the springboard seated splash and drop kick followed by a double stomp. Rey with a tilt-a-whirl inverted DDT for a near fall. Rey with a baseball slide that knocks Henry off the apron. Kane falls victim to a rana and Kane falls into the ropes for a 619. Henry catches Hardy but Rey with a splash that takes them down. Henry and Hardy fight to the back while Rey comes off the turnbuckles and Kane with a kick to the chest for the three count.
Winner: Kane

After the match, Kane attacks Rey and then he tries to choke slam Rey to the floor but Rey gets out of the hold and he drop kicks Kane out of the ring.

Batista is in the interview area with Todd Grisham. Todd asks about Batista’s match against Shawn Michaels. Batista says that Jericho knows what he is doing because of the problems between them and that Shawn has a lot of pent up anger. If Shawn tries something, he will beat Shawn to the punch.

We go to commercial.

Before our next match, Bradshaw addresses the crowd. He says everywhere he goes, the topic he hears is about the economy. Will banks fail, will he lose his house, what will happen to my 401(k). There is a light at the end of the title. Congress with the wonderful bailout plan ensure that his good friends Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi will make sure that he keeps all of his money, but he is making bank. That is because the poor will always be there. The rich must be taken care of. Bradshaw says that he is a real American.

Cue the music and it is Haas Hogan.

Match Number Two: John Bradshaw Layfield JBLimo versus Haas Hogan
Haas rips off his shirt and he says that he is going to break Bradshaw in half . . . brother. Bradshaw with a kick and he slams Haas into the turnbuckle and punches him. Bradshaw slams Haas’s head into the turnbuckles. Haas starts to Haas up and he does the finger point of doom. Haas with punches followed by a big boot. It is the time for the leg drop of kind of doom but Bradshaw gets up and Bradshaw hits the Clothesline from Wall Street for the three count.
Winner: Bradshaw

Todd Grisham is in the crowd and he is with Johnny Knoxville. He is with Chris Pontius. Todd asks them why they are here and Johnny talks about the invitation from the Great Khali. After seeing some photos, Todd asks if Johnny is doing his best to be friends with Khali. Knoxville says that he is waiting for the midgets. We go to commercial.

We are back and this week’s ‘Look at Us’ Fact was about ECW.

Time for the update on John Cena with another video package. We hear comments from some of the guys about how passionate about the business Cena is. We see some footage of the people who are not fans of John Cena, including some footage from ECW One Night Stand.

Randy Orton comes out and he says that he finds it kind of funny that nobody had any kind words to say about him when he got hurt. Orton says that he broke his collarbone and finished his match against Triple H. He says that he is not John Cena and he likes that. Orton tells people not to vote for him so he does not get injured. Orton says that it does not matter who he faces when he challenges for the title because he will win the title. Orton says that the fans will have no say over that. Orton goes to the back.

Batista is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Batista versus Shawn Michaels in a Jericho picks the opponent for Batista Match

Before the match starts, Jericho appears on the TitanTron and he says that it is a lumberjack match.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the match has already started. Michaels with a side head lock and Batista with a shoulder tackle. Batista with a kick and he tries for the Batista Bomb, but Michaels goes to the floor and he punches a lumberjack before returning to the ring. Michaels with a figure four leg lock. We see Jericho watching in the back. Batista tries to reverse the hold and he succeeds and Michaels releases the hold. Batista with elbows to Michaels but Michaels with a swinging neck breaker. Michaels with a boot to Batista’s head. Michaels with a chop to Batista. Batista with an Irish whip and running clothesline into the corner. Batista with elbows in the corner followed by an Irish whip. Michaels lands on top of the turnbuckles and then Batista kicks Michaels. Batista with a running power slam for a near fall.

Batista with a body scissors and reverse chin lock to Michaels but Michaels gets out of the hold and he punches Batista. Batista with a back body drop to Michaels for a near fall. Batista with a back breaker for a near fall. Batista returns to the body scissors and reverse chin lock. Michaels makes it to the ropes. Batista with a forearm to the back and Michaels goes down. Batista with another forearm to the back. Batista with an Irish whip and he connects with a few punches. Michaels gets his boots up for the next Batista charge into the corner. Michaels gets a near fall and both men are having a hard time getting back to their feet. Batista with a clothesline to Michaels and Batista can only get a two count. Michaels with a knee to Batista. Batista tries to throw Michaels out of the ring but Michaels skins the cat and he runs into a Black Hole Slam. Batista clotheslines Michaels over the top rope to the floor and Mark Henry with a bear hug to Michaels before returning him to the ring. Batista can only get a two count as we go to commercial.

We are back and Batista has Michaels in a bear hug as the match continues. Batista runs Michaels into the corner and he connects with a shoulder. Michaels with chops to Batista followed by an Irish whip and the Michaels flip. Batista charges at Michaels but Michaels moves and Batista goes outside the ring. Orton wants to kick Batista in the head but he misses. Batista returns to the ring and Michaels with a flying forearm and it is time for a nip up. Michaels goes up top and Bradshaw pushes him off the top turnbuckle. Batista with a spinebuster and it is time to shake the ropes. Batista sets for the Batista Bomb but Michaels punches Batista and both men go over the top rope to the floor.

All of the lumberjacks attack Michaels and Batista until they can get back to the ring and the referee calls for the bell.
No Contest

Batista with a spinebuster to Manu. Shawn hits Sweet Chin Music on Bradshaw. Batista sets for a spear on Michaels, but Michaels moves out of the way and Mark Henry gets speared.

We see Chris Jericho in the locker room and he is not happy with what he just saw.

Michaels and Batista approach the center of the ring and Batista offers his hand to Michaels and Michaels shakes it.

We see the options for Triple H’s opponent at Cyber Sunday. It will be Jeff Hardy, Vladimir Kozlov, or both men in a Triple Threat Match.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Santino Marella and Beth Phoenix come to the ring. We see Santino’s three options. Santino unveils the Honk-A-Meter for this week. Just a reminder that the Honky Donky Man was Intercontinental Champion for 64 weeks, while he has been champion for 9 weeks. That means that he will be a few weeks away in a year. If you type in the racists term the Honky Donky Man. Or he can face one of two cross dressers. He can face Goldendust or Rodney The Piper.

Santino seeks the Jackass in the crowd and he wants Johnny Knocksville to come to the ring. Johnny enters the ring. Santino asks Johnny what was he thinking making fun of the Great Khali. Johnny says that the dudes always get asked about theirs. Beth does not appreciate Johnny’s comment and she slaps him and then Beth with a power slam to Johnny. Santino and Beth leave and Hornswoggle appears and he hits a frog splash on Johnny. Chris Pontius tries to help Johnny up. Big Dick Johnson comes to the ring. Johnson and Pontius have a Party Boy dance off.

The Boogeyman’s music plays and the Boogeyman appears in the ring. Boogeyman attacks Pontius with a clothesline and it is time for Chris to get some worms regurgitated into his mouth.

Johnny says that wasn’t too bad. The Great Khali’s music plays and he comes out with Runjin Singh. Johnny and Khali laugh about something and then Johnny says the wrong thing and it is time for the Khali Krush into a vertical choke slam.

Shad and Kelly are walking in the back and they see JTG ‘borrowing’ something. He takes a Ducks hockey mask. We go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Kelly versus Jillian in the worst commentary segment ever.

We are back and John Morrison is on the mic and they will prove that they are more gangsta than Cryme Tyme. Morrison raps with Miz and Jillian joins in.

Match Number Four: John Morrison, Mike Mizanin, and Jillian Hall versus Cryme Tyme and Kelly Kelly
Kelly and Jillian start things off and Jillian with an arm bar and forearms. Kelly with a kick and forearms. Kelly with a clothesline for a near fall. Kelly with more forearms and a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Miz tags in and so does JTG. JTG with a knee and snap mare followed by a leap frog neck breaker. JTG with a drop kick. Jillian screams to distract JTG and that allows Miz to hit a drop toe hold. Morrison tags in for a forearm and slingshot elbow. Morrison kicks JTG in the ribs and then he hits a neck breaker for a near fall. JTG punches Morrison and tags in Shad. Shad with clotheslines to Morrison followed by an Irish whip and running back elbow. Shad with a spinebuster for a near fall. All six are in and the women fight to the floor. JTG hits Morrison with the hockey mask and Shad with an STO for the three count.
Winners: Cryme Tyme and Kelly Kelly

We go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that Smackdown was on MyNetwork TV? Watch this week to see Jeff Hardy versus Vladimir Kozlov.

Michael Cole almost spoke over the latest WWE we are awesome tidbit. We also found out that Undertaker will face Big Show and we will find out the stipulation on Friday night.

We go to footage from No Mercy when Big Show knocked out a Deadman.

Time to run through the card for Cyber Sunday.

We go to an Earlier Tonight moment from the Lumberjack Match.

Match Number Five: Chris Jericho versus CM Punk in a Batista Chooses the Opponent Match

Batista says that there is a special guest referee and it is him.

Jericho has some words for the new referee and Punk with a rollup for a near fall. Punk with arm drags and a clothesline that sends Jericho over the top rope to the floor. Jericho goes to the back but the referee will not have that happen on his watch. Punk with kicks followed by a knee to the midsection. Punk with knees to Jericho. Jericho with an Irish whip and Punk with an Anaconda Vice in the ropes. Batista watches while Punk releases the hold. Punk goes up top and hits a cross body but only gets a two count. Punk with a kick to the chest and Jericho goes down. Punk with a belly-to-back suplex and then he goes up to the second turnbuckle but Jericho pulls Punk off the turnbuckles. Jericho with a kick to the head followed by a forearm to the head. Jericho yells at the referee and then he hits a suplex. Jericho with a senton splash for a near fall. Jericho with an enzuigiri followed by a snap mare into a reverse chin lock. Jericho with a knee to Punk. Jericho tries for the bulldog but Punk sends Jericho into the turnbuckles. Punk with punches to Jericho followed by a roundhouse kick. Punk with a leg lariat but Punk misses the knee into the corner. Jericho tries for the Walls of Jericho but Punk with an inside cradle for a two count. Punk with the knee into the ropes followed by the bulldog and then Punk gets Jericho up for the Go To Sleep. Jericho with the Codebreaker but Batista got something in his contact lens and he stops at two. Jericho yells at Batista and Batista gives Jericho a Batista Bomb. Punk covers Jericho and gets the three count.
Winner: CM Punk

2009 - Torrie Wilson was hospitalized after a bad reaction to medication she was taking.

2009 - Matt Hardy appeared on an episode of SyFy's Scare Tactics.

2009 - Dragon Gate USA released their very first DVD release "Open the Historic Gate."

2009 - WWE broadcast ECW on SyFy.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape from Lexington, Kentucky and your announcers are Matt ‘How about that Hell’s Kitchen finale’ Striker and Josh ‘I swear to cow’ Mathews.

Match Number One: Ezekiel Jackson with Vladimir Kozlov versus Goldust

They lock up and Goldust with a side head lock but Jackson with a back elbow but he misses a series of elbow drops but Goldust does not miss with a punch or a knee from the apron. Goldust hits a clothesline from the top turnbuckle for a near fall. They lock up again and Goldust with another side head lock. Goldust with a kick and punches but Jackson with a clothesline. Jackson sends Goldust into the turnbuckles and then he punches him some more. Jackson with a running knee into the corner and then he pulls Goldust into the center of the ring for a near fall. Jackson with a bear hug and Goldust punches his way out of the hold but Jackson with a forearm to the top of the head for a near fall. Jackson with a double overhook followed by a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. Jackson continues to work on the back but Goldust with a series of kicks to the leg. Jackson tries for a cross body into the corner but Goldust catches him but he cannot keep Jackson up and Zeke gets a near fall. Goldust with a series of punches followed by a jawbreaker and then he gets pushed out of the corner. Goldust with an uppercut and a flying clothesline. Goldust with a bulldog for a near fall. Goldust with a Flatline and then he goes up top but Vladimir gets on the apron to distract the referee and that allows Jackson to knock Goldust off the turnbuckles. Jackson with a uranage for the three count.
Winner: Ezekiel Jackson

After the match, Vlad and Zeke celebrate and then Kozlov with a spinebuster to Goldust.

We see footage from last week when Yoshi Tatsu defeated William Regal and Christian got attacked by Regal, Kozlov, and Jackson since they are in the main even tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back and William Regal is in the back and his partner Zack Ryder says hello. He says that Regal is threatened by him and they know that Zack is a better challenger for the title. Ryder says that Regal isn’t as tough without his goons around, but Zeke and Vlad come up behind Zack. Regal tells the blithering idiot that he is lucky that he didn’t do more to him last week. Regal says that the general manager is getting back at him by forcing him to tag with Zack. Regal tells Ryder to do exactly what he tells him. Regal and his buddies leave.

Sheamus comes to the ring and he says that last week on Superstars he had a match with Shelton Benjamin. While Shelton won the match by disqualification, it does not do justice to what really happened. We go to the footage from the match and see the work that Sheamus did on the shoulder. Sheamus says that a lot of people asked him why he did what he did. Sheamus has a story to tell the fans. Sheamus says that Shelton came to WWE with some of the greatest god given ability, but he has done nothing with it. He has been toiling in mediocrity. Sheamus mentions that Shelton has never been to the top of the WWE while Sheamus says that he will make it to the top. He says that you need to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

Paul Burchill and Katie Lea Burchill walk in the back as we go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Paul Burchill with Katie Lea Burchill versus Hurricane

They lock up and Burchill with a waist lock take down. Hurricane with an arm drag into a side head lock. Hurricane with a shoulder tackle but Burchill stays up. Hurricane sends Burchill through the ropes to the floor. Hurricane with a pescado onto Burchill. Hurricane with a front face lock but Burchill with a kick and then he tries to send Hurricane into the turnbuckles. Burchill sends Hurricane to the apron and Burchill catches him when he tries to return to the ring. Burchill with a shoulder that sends Hurricane to the floor. Burchill sends Hurricane’s shoulder into the ring apron and gets a near fall when they return to the ring. Burchill with an arm bar and then he drops Hurricane’s arm on his shoulder. Burchill continues to work on the arm and shoulder. Hurricane with punches and an arm drag followed by a kick. Hurricane with more punches but Burchill with a knee. Hurricane with a Thesz press and punches. Burchill charges into an uppercut and then Hurricane with a rana for a near fall. Burchill with a divorce court for a two count. Burchill puts Hurricane on the turnbuckles and tries for a superplex but Hurricane blocks it and drops Burchill to the mat. Hurricane with a cross body for a near fall. Burchill sends Hurricane’s shoulder into the turnbuckle. Hurricane punches Burchill and Hurricane tries for a super rana from the turnbuckles but Burchill holds on to the ropes. Burchill with a jackhammer for the three count.
Winner: Paul Burchill

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the Iron Man Match coming to you at Bragging Rights because Hell in a Cell wasn’t enough to finish this feud.

Now it is time to run through the card for Bragging Rights.

We go to the locker room where Yoshi Tatsu is getting ready for his match. Christian asks Yoshi if he is ready to go but Yoshi is in the zone. Yoshi says that he is focused and nervous. Christian asks Yoshi why he is nervous and Yoshi speaks in Japanese. Christian tells Yoshi that he should be the number one contender. We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Yoshi Tatsu and Christian versus William Regal and Zack Ryder

Yoshi and Ryder start things off and Ryder with a knee after locking up and then Ryder with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Ryder blocks a hip toss but Yoshi with a Japanese arm drag and a regular arm drag into an arm bar. Christian is tagged in and he hits a double sledge from the turnbuckles and then he puts Ryder in a side head lock. Christian with a shoulder tackle for a near fall. He hits another shoulder tackle and gets another near fall. Ryder sends Christian into the turnbuckles and then Ryder responds with kicks and then he chokes the champ in the corner. Christian with punches but Ryder runs Christian into the turnbuckles. Ryder with forearms to Christian but he misses a charge and Christian with the pendulum kick. Christian throws Ryder out of the ring and then while Regal checks on Ryder, Christian hits a baseball slide into Regal and he collides with Ryder. Christian with the springboard cross body onto Regal and we go to commercial.

We are back and Christian with a kip up and a near fall on Regal. Christian with a punch and shoulder in the corner. Christian follows that with a snap mare and kick to the back. Regal with an Irish whip and forearm to the head. Ryder tags in and he kicks Christian in the ribs and gets a near fall. Ryder with a rear chin lock. Christian tries to get out of the hold but Ryder takes him down and Regal tags in and he punches Christian and then connects with a European uppercut and forearms. Christian with the corkscrew elbow from the turnbuckles and then he tags in Yoshi. Ryder tags in as well and Yoshi with a series of chops and running knees into the corner. Yoshi tries for the rolling snap mare but Ryder avoids the hold. Yoshi with a spin kick for a near fall. Yoshi with the rolling snap mare and kick to the head for a near fall. Ryder with a forearm to the back and then he draws Christian in to allow Ryder and Regal to double team Yoshi. Ryder with a neckbreaker for a near fall and Regal is tagged back in. Regal with knees to the head followed by forearms. Regal with a forearm across the check and then he rakes the face of Yoshi. Regal with a back elbow and a near fall. Ryder tags in and he connects with a forearm followed by kicks. Ryder with a rear chin lock but Yoshi returns to his feet and he elbows Ryder but cannot make the tag to Christian. Ryder brings Yoshi into his corner and he tags Regal back into the match and Regal with a forearm and uppercut.

Yoshi with an uppercut of his own and they exchange uppercuts until Regal with a kick to Yoshi and he gets a near fall. Regal with a side head lock and then he tags Ryder in. Ryder with a head butt to Yoshi and he continues to work on the head using the turnbuckles. Ryder with a boot to the head and he gets a near fall. Ryder runs into a boot from Yoshi and then Yoshi takes Ryder down. Both men try to make the tag and Christian does so. Christian punches Ryder but Ryder with a kick. Christian with a leaping spin kick and an inverted DDT followed by a forearm to the head. Christian with a back kick and sunset flip from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Christian sets for the Killswitch but Ryder with a head butt and a leap frog leg drop for a near fall. Christian with a tornado DDT but Regal breaks up the cover. Yoshi takes care of Regal and they fight to the floor. Regal sends Yoshi into the ring post while Christian hits a missile drop kick. Regal distracts Christian when he goes up a second time and Ryder with a press slam. Regal makes the blind tag and while Regal and Ryder argue, Christian punches Regal and then Ryder drops Regal on the top rope allowing Christian to hit the Killswitch and get the three count.
Winners: Yoshi Tatsu and Christian

2010 - The cause of death for Luna Vachon was released.  Her death was listed as an "accidental overdose" of anti-anxiety and painkillers.

2010 - Former WWE World champion The Great Khali signed on to join the cast of "Big Boss House", the Indian version of Big Brother.

2010 - Actor and producer Freddie Prinze, Jr. once again began working for World Wrestling Entertainment, has confirmed. Prinze officially returned to the company as of Monday and will be working as a "producer and director" for WWE.  Prinze, a lifelong wrestling fan who has long been a regular at major WWE shows, worked on the WWE Creative team for several months in 2009 before opting to leave the company. Prinze later returned to appear as a "Guest Host" on Raw last August, during which he was laid out by Randy Orton in an angle.  After leaving the company, Prinze spoke highly of it and its performers while doing media to promote his post-WWE acting role on the FOX series "24."

2010 - Paul Heyman's marketing and production agency "Looking for Larry" signed on with EA Sports for a series of viral videos to promote the upcoming EA Sports MMA videogame.  The first of those videos, featuring Frank Shamrock in a film titled "Retirement Sucks", was posted online.  The video, using music from the classic film "Raging Bull" in a black and white format, is of a similar tone video the original ECW produced in 1994 for The Sandman.  In the film, Shamrock is seen rocking in a chair while discussing past battles against Randy Couture and potential battles against adopted brother Ken Shamrock.  He then challenges players to "enter the cage."  Even for a novice MMA fan, the film is infectious and it's the type of thing Heyman produced at arguably his peak as a booker within pro wrestling.   The irony of watching the video was that Heyman was extremely close to a deal with TNA, only to back away when he (according to public statements made by Heyman), wasn't given the assurances of power he would need to change the company from within.  Instead, he's now taking his style of personality driven production and showcasing it in another, similar genre, leaving everyone to wonder "What if?" (or perhaps "What could have been?") had the TNA deal been made.

2011 - TNA broadcast Impact Wrestling.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

Welcome to's TNA Impact Wrestling report, the final TV episode prior to this Sunday's Bound For Glory PPV from Philadelphia, PA.

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video catching us up to speed on the Hulk Hogan retirement attempt and Sting exposing it as a farce.

TNA champion Kurt Angle comes to the ring in street clothes and calls out Bobby Roode, saying he wanted to have one last talk before their showdown on Sunday. Roode obliged and made his way to the ring. It’s ridiculous how much better the show visually looks outside of Orlando.

Angle told Roode that a month ago, he used his stroke to book Roode against Fortune to break him mentally and physically but Roode passed with flying colors. Angle said that he’s not a member of Fortune, but Kurt Angle the greatest wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots. Angle said that beating Fortune was impressive, rattling off his own accomplishments as a champion wrestler. He said that for the last five years, he’s dominated TNA with no help and proves he’s the best every night he’s in the ring. He promised that at Bound for Glory, he would prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that he’s the greatest wrestler of all time.

He offered Roode his hand and Roode looked to take it, then pulled away. He took a mic of his own and said they both know what it takes to be a champion. He said it takes heart. He said they can tear the house down at the PPV but at the end of the night, it’s going to be the man with the bigger heart that is going to survive. He said that Angle had the heart in 1996 to overcome a broken neck and win a gold medal. He said that Angle had the better heart his entire career and is a machine but at Bound for Glory, Roode wants to find out who has the bigger heart and who’s going to take this company to the next level. Roode said that he proposed no games and no interference at the PPV and they find out who the better wrestler is that night. Awesome promo from Roode.

Angle said that what Roode wants is what he gets. They shook hands. Really effective segment to sell the importance of the TNA title at the PPV. Say what you will about TNA but they have done a great job building to the title match.

As Angle walked away, he said that he forgot to tell Roode that he’s been booked by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff against Gunner and Jeff Jarrett in a handicap match. I could have done without that as the segment was strong enough without it.

Backstage, Rob Van Dam and AJ Styles were brawling in the back with Jerry Lynn and Christopher Daniels. Lynn threw Van Dam into a wall and they doubled on Styles as they went to commercial.

Jerry Lynn & Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles & Rob Van Dam

Returning from commercial, Lynn and Daniels dragged Styles to the ring and double teamed him. RVD returned and hit several kicks. He spinkicked Lynn. They double-teamed on Daniels. RVD nailed a monkey flip. Styles slammed Daniels and nailed a high leaping knee drop. RVD tagged in and whipped Daniels into the corner but missed a spinkick in the corner. Daniels nailed several headbutts but was caught with a slam.

Van Dam rebounded off the ropes for Rolling Thunder but Lynn grabbed his leg. Daniels sent RVD to the outside, where Lynn choked him. RVD was rolled back in, where Lynn and Daniels worked him over for several near falls. Daniels missed a charge in the corner and Styles tagged in. Styles nailed several backbreakers and worked over Daniels. He went for the springboard into the reverse DDT but Daniels escaped and tagged Lynn. Styles dropkicked Lynn hard for a two count.

Van Dam nailed a slingshot pescado to the floor on Daniels. Lynn nailed a baseball slide kick on RVD to the outside. Lynn and Daniels worked over RVD on the floor, leading to Styles nailing a running flip dive to the outside on everyone. Styles nailed the springboard flying forearm on Daniels and went for the Styles Clash but Lynn broke it up. Styles hit the Pele on Lynn and went for the Styles Clash. Daniels went to interfere, but when Styles dared him to hit the ring, Daniels backed off. Styles nailed the Clash and scored the pin on Lynn.

Your winners, Rob Van Dam & AJ Styles!

Good match with lots of hot action from start to finish. I am surprised they had Lynn lose a few days before his showdown with RVD, but he’s the guy without a contract of the quartet and it’s not like he’s been booked strongly going into the PPV to begin with.

Samoa Joe vs. Matt Morgan

Morgan slugged away at Joe but Joe fired back with a series of rights. Morgan sent Joe into the turnbuckles hard. Morgan nailed him with a series of rapid fire reverse elbows. He went for an Avalanche but Joe nailed a drop toehold into the corner, then nailed an enziguri to the head.

Joe controlled Morgan, nailing a running elbow to take him out. Joe nailed a running knee strike in the corner and went for the muscle buster off the top. Morgan leapt out of the way and rolled Joe up, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Matt Morgan!

Joe immediately took out Morgan’s leg and began punishing it. Joe locked on a figure four leglock. Crimson limped out of the locker room with a chair and nailed Joe with the chair in the gut, running him off from the ring.

Joe took the mic. He said that every time they try to start something, Joe tries to finish it only to see them save each other. He said that they are beta males afraid to face each other so they get together and come after Joe. Joe said he wanted to put them in a situation where there are no buddies and challenged them to a Triple Threat match. Joe said that they can either be friends or be an Alpha Male. Strange they would have the heel basically tell the babyfaces to man up, but the usual good promo you’d expect from Joe.

Mexican America began cutting a promo ripping on the United States. Rosita is ridiculously hot. Ink, Inc. came out. Jesse pointed out that they all live in the States and wondered why they bothered to rip on the country. He asked Anarquia to show off the tattoo they gave him. Shannon Moore cut a damn good promo saying he knew something that would make them and the fans happy, telling Mexican America to get the hell out.

All four start brawling. The girls get involved, which leads to an unknown woman (Christina Von Eerie, making her debut) hitting the ring and cleaning house on them. Hernandez got in her face but Neal made the save, attacking her. They left Anarquia in the ring and Ink, Inc. tried to show off the tattoo they gave him. Mexican America pulled him out of the ring. Jesse Neal said that MA can bring all the women they want to the PPV, because Ink, Inc. has their back up.

The mic work and the brawling was all very good. An effective segment but they need to follow up with a promo later to explain who Von Eerie is. We’ve got a good interview with her in the PWInsider Elite section from several months back when she was working AAA in Mexico.

Jesse Sorensen & Brian Kendrick vs. TNA X-Division champ Austin Aries & Kid Kash

The champ and Kash were attacked as they entered the ring. Sorensen hit a running high knee on Kash and a spinning neckbreaker for a two count. Kendrick and Aries battled on the outside before returning to their corners. Kash cut off Sorensen with several knees and tagged out to Aries. They worked over Sorensen, scoring several near falls. Kash and Aries tagged in and out with a series of double team moves.

They controlled Sorensen for several minutes. Kash came off the top for a near fall. Soresen finally made the tag with Kendrick cleaning house with several dropkicks. Kash dropped an elbow to break up the pin only to nail Aries. Aries and Kash began arguing and shoving each other. Sorensen tackled Kash out of the ring and they fell to the floor.

Aries went to use the X-Division belt as a weapon but Kendrick superkicked him, then nailed the Sliced Bread #2 on the belt for the pin.

Your winners, Brian Kendrick & Jesse Sorensen!

Good athletic match. Kendrick getting the win right before he challenges for the belt makes perfect sense. Sorensen and Kash played their roles really well. This was the best I’ve seen of Sorensen thus far in his tenure.

Karen Angle and Traci Brooks are walking in the back.

The three challengers for the TNA Knockouts champion made their way to the ring, followed by Knockouts champion Winter, who was accompanied by Angelina Love. Karen Jarrett came out, flanked by Madison Rayne and Traci Brooks. Jarrett said that she expected all of them to make her proud this Sunday because she had to fight like a banshee to get them on the PPV card. She said that no one wanted them on the card. Jarrett was getting some good heat from the crowd.

Jarrett said this was a show that was for the upper class with prestige, not for the street walking hos. She specifically targeted Velvet Sky. Sky asked what her problem with her was and said it was enough. Jarrett said that she’ll let Sky know when it’s enough. She said that she was class and Sky was trash. Jarrett said that she was what every man wants and what every woman wants to be. She said Sky represents the scum of the Earth and all the vile losers. Jarrett said she is a role model and everyone looks up to her.

Sky said that there will be a time where they are on an even playing field and then they will find out who is better. She promised to be the new champion. Jarrett said that would happen over her dead body. Sky bumped her and Jarrett fell backwards because Brooks was on her hands and knees. This sparked a big brawl with all the women. Ronnie Lang’s Atlas Security broke up the brawl.

Jarrett yelled at Brooks that she was going to be scrubbing toilets for the rest of her life for messing with her.

Segment was OK. Jarrett and Sky were both good on the mic. Sky’s promos have really gotten much stronger if you look at where she was even a year ago. Jarrett is the TNA version of Vickie Guerrero and that’s meant as a compliment. Nothing but by the numbers stuff here but it was fine as a preview of the title match.

Backstage, Brother Ray said who better than him to be an enforcer and warned them not to piss him off.

Backstage, AJ Styles cut a damn good promo while loading his car that the entire situation was Chris Daniels’ fault. He said Daniels beat him but couldn’t let things go and now their kids don’t play anymore and their wives don’t speak anymore. He said that if Daniels wanted an I Quit match, that was fine but told him to remember what happened to Tommy Dreamer, saying that Dreamer almost lost an eye. Daniels attacked Styles from behind and left him laying. Good segment.

Scott Steiner vs. Mr. Anderson with Brother Ray as the Enforcer.

As Anderson came to the ring, Ray reminded him that they would face off in three days. Steiner attacked Anderson after he tried to take a shot at Ray. Steiner chopped him in the corner and nailed a belly to belly suplex for a two count. Steiner controlled Anderson, laying him out with a clothesline. Steiner mocked him with the push-ups.

Anderson tried to grab him for a roll up but Steiner saw him coming and stomped him. He chopped at Anderson then nailed another belly to belly. Ray was trash talking Anderson from the outside. Steiner worked over Anderson with chops in the corner but was caught with an elbow as he charged Anderson into the corner. Steiner was nailed with a neckbreaker for a two count.

Anderson slipped outside and clothesline Ray. He rolled back in but was caught with a low blow by Steiner. Steiner nailed an inverted atomic drop. Abyss came into the ring. Steiner held Anderson for Abyss to strike him with a chain but Anderson moved and Steiner was nailed. Anderson covered him for the pin.

Your winner, Mr. Anderson!

Ray began browbeating Abyss in the ring. Gunner hit the ring, as did Jeff Jarrett. They and Steiner all began screaming and shoving Abyss for screwing up. Abyss finally grabbed Ray by the throat, leading to three others attacking him. Immortal beat down Abyss as Ray pulled a table into the ring. They were going to put Abyss through the table but Anderson hit the ring. He tried to make the save but was overwhelmed and laid out by Ray. Anderson was hit with a Bubba Bomb through the table. Ray screamed at him that he only had three days.

The match wasn’t much but the angle with Abyss apparently turning babyface and Ray putting Anderson through the table were fine as storyline twists building for the future. Abyss’ facial expressions are really underrated. It’s hard to get behind Anderson as a babyface given all the times they have turned him so putting him against a pure evil heel like Bully Ray is the best way to get him any sympathy at all. Ray laying him out three days before by putting Anderson through the table is a smart way to build that.

They showed Hulk Hogan and Sting backstage, preparing for their contract signing.

Backstage, Kurt Angle approached James Storm. Storm asked him what he wanted. Angle said that he’s had a week to think about how he lost to Bobby Roode. Roode said that was because Angle threw him into the stairs. Angle said that may be true but Roode still pinned him. Storm said that he spoke to Roode and Roode told him that he didn’t know about the interference and the only reason he’s not kicking Angle’s ass now is because he has too much respect for Roode and knows Roode is going to take him out. Angle asked him if he really spoke to Roode and was told that and walked off. Storm was frustrated.

Jeff Jarrett cut a promo saying that Roode’s been lucky the last few weeks but he isn’t going to have that luck tonight in their handicap match.

Taz and Mike Tenay ran down the lineup for the Bound for Glory PPV on Sunday in Philadelphia.

They aired a very good video on the Angle vs. Roode title bout.

Bobby Roode vs. Jeff Jarrett & Gunner (with Karen Jarrett)

Roode grabbed a chair immediately but it was taken away by the referee. Roode battled with both Jarrett and Gunner, making a good showing for himself. He dispatched Jarrett from the ring and nailed a flying forearm on Gunner. He went for the crossface but Gunner grabbed the ropes. Jarrett and Gunner overwhelmed Roode in the corner then double teamed him.

Gunner whipped Roode into the corner but was kicked off. Gunner caught him with a clothesline, killing Roode’s momentum. Jarrett slid under the ropes and snapped Roode with a punch. Gunner drilled him with an elbow. Jarret and Gunner both suplexed Roode and mocked Beer Money’s signature mannerisms.

Roode recovered and clotheslined them both. He cleaned house with a series of clotheslines and backdropped Gunner. Jarrett reversed an Irish whip but was kicked off. Roode nailed a snapmare for a two count but Gunner broke it up. Roode clotheslined Gunner over the top to the floor, but Jarrett nailed him. Jarrett went for the Stroke but Roode broke free and nailed the spinebuster, then locked in the Crossface. Gunner tried to break it up but Roode saw him coming and took him down, then locked in the Crossface on Gunner, getting a tapout.

Your winner, Bobby Roode!

Jarrett and Roode battled back and forth. Bully Ray hit the ring and lowblowed him. Scott Steiner nailed the Roode as well. James Storm hit the ring and began cleaning house but was overwhelmed. Kurt Angle made his way to the ring. They held Storm down and held Roode up for Angle to beat him, but Jeff Hardy, with theme music, hit the ring and cleaned house. He ran off Immortal. Beer Money didn’t trust Hardy but he threw up his arms to show he meant no harm and was trying to help. Hardy offered Roode his hand but Storm got between them, not trusting Hardy. Roode stared at Hardy for a long time before taking it.

I could have done without playing the theme music for the big save but beyond that illogical aspect, a good angle to both build heat for the TNA title bout and get over the Hardy storyline. The handicap match was better than you’d expect for that type of bout.

Backstage, Jeff Hardy said he came back to apologize and make good and tonight he saved the next World champ. Jeff Jarrett showed up and said that he and Hardy have been friends from the first day Hardy was in the business and he’s telling him that he is out of chances. He tells Hardy it is over and when TNA, the company he founded, has Bound for Glory this Sunday, Hardy had better not take one step into Pennsylvania. Hardy walked away and Jarrett asked him where he was going. Hardy got in his face and yelled, “I am going to buy my ticket to Philadelphia, founder!” Jarrett looked down, angry, as Hardy walked off.

Jeremy Borash introduced Hulk Hogan and Sting for the contract signing in the middle of the ring. Borash said that they have already agreed to the terms of the contract and asked Sting to make it official. Sting signed. It was given to Hogan, who just looked away for a long time. Hogan finally signed the contract. Borash announced that it was now official – Hogan vs. Sting at Bound for Glory.

Borash asked if they had any final words before the PPV. Hogan flipped over the table and said he did have something to say. Hogan said he’s been watching Sting dance around Hogan for 30 years and here they are again. Hogan said Sting chased and followed him but for Sting to challenge him when Hogan came to TNA to make things right and fix the company after Sting and all the TNA Originals couldn’t do it themselves, is something else. Hogan said he was at peace with his career but Sting forced him back into the ring. He said that Sting wanted Hogan and now he’s got the real Hulk Hogan.

Sting said that was all he ever wanted. Hogan said he had better be careful for getting what he wished for. Hogan said that his wrestling career is over but for Sting to insult him and embarrass him in front of all the people that supported him all these years, Sting is in for the fight of his life. Hogan said there was going to be no interference and it was going to be man on man. He said when it’s over, there will be no piece of the puzzle that Sting won’t be able to figure out.

Eric Bischoff came out and said that Sting laid his hands on Eric two weeks ago so if there is anything left of Sting when Hogan is done, he’s going to kick Sting’s ass. Hogan nailed Sting from behind with a chair and began choking him against the ropes as the show went off the air.

OK final segment. Hogan pretty much cut a promo that painted the story of Sting bullying him back into the ring, which makes no sense since the story was that Sting is trying to get control of the company back for Dixie Carter – none of which was even referenced tonight. That was weird. It’s pretty strange to see Hogan cutting these promos that are nowhere near the Hogan character and then he’s on ESPN cutting the classic promos and they are just awesome.

Overall though, an effective go home episode. I am surprised at this, but watching the show, I wanted to go the PPV live, which is a sign that TNA had a good show tonight in my eyes.

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