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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-12 22:20:51
Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of Pro Wrestling Syndicate in Rahway, NJ at the Rec Center!

Hacksaw Duggan vs. Armando Estrada (with Iron Sheik)

As Duggan's music hit, Estrada took the mic and began ripping on the fact that there were no ring steps for him to climb.  He said that in case you have a bad memory, his name Armando Alejandro Estrada.  He ripped on New Jersey and introduced his manager for tonight, The Iron Sheik.  Sheik said that everyone knows the history between him and Hacksaw Duggan in New Jersey and ripped on Duggan for getting pulled over in the Turnpike years ago, saying it cost the Sheik millions of dollars.

Estrada backed off early and went to the floor as Duggan played to the crowd.  He chased Estrada back out of the ring.    They finally locked up and went back and forth.  Duggan hit a series of clotheslines and Estrada rolled out of the ring.

Estrada fired back and locked Duggan in a sleeper.  Duggan fought his way out and backed Estrada hard into the corner.  He nailed Estrada with the Three Point Stance and scored the pin.

Your winner, Hacksaw Duggan!

Mostly shenanigans but a nice way to fire up the crowd.  It was what you'd expect from a Duggan match.  Estrada played a nice foil for him.

Harry Smith vs. Alex Reynolds

Smith came out wearing the IWGP Tag title.  He and Reynolds went back and forth until Reynolds backed off to the floor.   Smith demanded he return to the ring.

When they returned, Smith maintained control and even placed Reynolds on the top.  Smith slammed Reynolds and went for a suplex but Reynolds slipped out and snapped him throat first over the ropes, then tossed him to the floor.  Reynolds hit a dive to the outside but was caught by Smith.  Smith went to run him into the corner but Reynolds slipped off and shoved him into it.

They battled back and forth with some really good sequences and near falls.  Reynolds hit a moonsault for a two count.  Reynolds went to the top but was cut off and superplexed into the ring for a two count.

Smith hit a series of offensive moves, including a backdrop and punches in the corner.  Smith nailed a nice snap powerslam for a two count.   Reynolds caught him with an anklelock and scissored Smith's leg.  Smith reversed that into a sharpshooter but Reynolds grabbed the ropes.

Reynolds came back with a tornado DDT off the ropes and scored the pin.

Big upset!

Your winner, Alex Reynolds!

The crowd chanted "Bullsh**."  Nice, solid wrestling match. 

The Reality Check's Kevin Matthews and Devon Moore came out.  Reynolds remained in the ring and got into a fighting stance to protect himself.  They instead offered their hands.  PWS champion Kevin Matthews said they have been watching him the last few months and they've taken notice of his talent as well as the fans disrespecting him.   He said that apparently they don't have the same eye for talent as Reality Check.  They invited him to become the new member and he accepted.

Diamond Dallas Page's music hit and he came to the ring in street clothes.  Page put over New Jersey and thanked the fans who came from other places.  He plugged he would be appearing at the Jacob Javits Center on 10/27 doing DDPYOGA with WPIX.  He said tonight he was the Commissioner of PWS.

Matthews said he's been watching DDP his entire career.  He said he was a big fan and even does DDPYOGA.  He said he wanted to recruit DDP to Reality Check as well.  The crowd didn't like that idea.  Page said he would consider it and give them his answer at the end of the night.  They left and Page asked the crowd if they wanted him to do it.  The crowd was big-time against it.

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