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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-12 11:45:10
In pretty big news, Combat Zone Wrestling will be bringing their biggest match attraction, The Cage of Death, to their live event at Wrestlecon over Wrestlemania weekend. It will be the first time that the COD, held annually by the promotion, is held outside that event. ROH did a COD match once, but it was really the COD in name only.

CZW is also working on bringing in a lot of international names from promotions they work with - Big Japan, WXW in Germany and Fight Club Pro in the UK - in for Wrestlecon in order to have some unique attractions for the event as well as showcase the CZW product to fans who are usually not exposed to it.

The company has locked the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ as their official home for the next year.

The company ran their first in a series of iPPV shows featuring matches and a live interview with talents this past Wednesday with CZW champion Masada at and were happy with the buys for the show. The plan is to do these monthly on a Wednesday with the idea that the night is wide open to do something using Twitter to interact with fans and get questions. Sami Callihan and Adam Cole will likely be the next guests for the series.

The promotion's next full fledged live iPPV event will not be until the 12/8 Cage of Death, which is their flagship event of the year. It appears they are building to Matt Tremont vs. DJ Hyde for the main event. The Cage design, which changes every year, has been locked in. The plan for the show is to simulcast it via both Hybrid and

There will be a bus trip from NYC to the COD event. For details, email

The promotion is bringing in Bob Holly for a training seminar this weekend and will have Stevie Richards coming in shortly as well. They've hosted Tommy Dreamer, Kevin Nash, and others of late.

The company recently invested in some new production equipment including a new Jib camera. They have also signed a deal with a new vendor,. Roadside Graphics, to handle all of their clothing merchandise going forward.

The promotion has two live events this weekend. On Friday, they will tape their online Wired TV at the Vogt Recreation Center (6700 Cottage Street) in Philadelphia, PA at 7 pm bell time to benefit The Scares for Cares Organization featuring Drew Blood & Xavier Cross vs. Joey Spades & Johnny Fearless, Havoc vs. Grizzly Redwood, Nate Carter vs. Joe Gacy, Dez Monroe vs. Drew Gulak, a Battle Royal plus DJ Hyde, Latin Dragon, BLK-OUT's Robbie Mireno and more appearing.

This Saturday CZW will present 'Cerebral' at The Flyers Skate Zone (601 Laurel Oak Road) in Voorhees, NJ with CZW champion Masada vs. Necro Butcher, Jeez vs. Greg Excellent, Dustin Rayz vs. Ruckus, CZW Tag champions Nation of Intoxication (Danny Havoc and Devon Moore) vs. Azrieal and Bandido, Jr., Lucky tHURTeen vs. Alex Colon, ACH & Rich Swann vs. Jake & Dave Crist, Drew Gulak vs. The Latin Dragon, Nevaeh vs. Cherry Bomb!

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