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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-12 11:37:07
The CM Punk fan incident was picked up by CNN. The fan in question is considering a lawsuit.

The Ignite Baltimore speaking event will actually feature a presentation on the CM Punk "Summer of Punk" WWE storyline from last year from Michael Special, who regularly sends reports on ROH TV. For more details on the event, click here. Tickets are sold out, but people on the waiting list usually get in. Here is the synopsis for the presentation:

Despite a reputation for being “fake”, the complex and politically charged world of professional wrestling routinely blurs the line between fiction and reality, sometimes with spectacular consequences.

In June 2011 the talented but underutilized WWE wrestler CM Punk was weeks away from the expiration of his contract. Tired of his company’s cartoonish presentation of wrestling, with a live microphone and nothing left to lose, Punk abandoned his script. He broke the fourth wall and spoke directly to the audience, castigating WWE’s creative direction, its management and even wishing death upon its CEO. A panicked production room cut his feed. Punk was suspended.

The event ignited a firestorm of support from fans who endorsed Punk’s “real life” vision of wrestling, leaving WWE with a catch-22 – stick to the “story” and alienate a large, vocal portion of their fan base or acknowledge the legitimacy of Punk’s claims and spark a very real battle for the soul of the sport itself.

Dolph Ziggler appears on the latest Weird Adults podcast at this link. Thanks to Brandon for passing that along.

Tommy Dreamer, Melina, John Morrison, Beulah McGuillicuty and several other names have been added to the Chiller Theatre convention in Monroe, NJ at the end of the month. For details, visit

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