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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-12 10:00:53
What is worse, CM Punk punching an innocent fan OR punching him twice and not knocking him out?

I think hitting the innocent fan was worse, as it was obvious Punk wasn't trying to kill the guy as much as get him to stop hitting him, when he thought the guy was.

I just wanted to ask with Impact gaining alot of viewers, and WWE losing ALOT of theirs, would TNA expand to possibly 2 shows and eventually (hopefully soon) try to challange WWE down the road?

The worse thing TNA could do right now is start producing additional shows (unless they are going to be themed series, like all X-Division, etc.) I think they have built a decent foundation in recent months and need to work the strengthen that foundation.

So I'm here listening to that Bully Ray interview talkin bout Punk hittin the fan. It got me thinking, do you think Punk's gonna be droppin the belt at Hell In a Cell, or possibly even Raw, along the lines of RVD losing two belts from If I remember being caught with pot.....? Got me curious....

All signs are that Punk won't be punished for the incident, but if there's a title change, it will more likely be if Ryback is in the match. WWE certainly has been building to Punk vs. Rock for the Royal Rumble.

Vince can clean house and change this or that. He still doesn't get it. The problem is reading results for Raw and Smackdown and seeing guys who are protected losing and/or getting wiped out every week. Nobody is going to give a crap if/when he wins the title. He'll just be looked at as lucky.

You are dead on. I think one of the biggest problems in current day WWE is that the mid-card just floats around, winning and losing until someone is pegged to get pushed. The problem is that chances are that the person pegged has already been exposed to the audience as a loser, as someone that can't get the job done or as a comedy goof. So, there's no way the average fan will believe in them or have an emotional attachment to them. So, WWE then grabs the next guy and the cycle continues. The one thing they have done right is the Ryback push, because he looks like a killer and is protected. You can't do that with everyone obviously but there needs to be some long term thought put into protecting talents with the future in mind. There is no evidence of that today, much less in the last few years.

Whatever happened to Francine?

Francine is retired from the business, married and has two children. She's closed that chapter on her life.

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