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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-10-10 22:20:28
The fourth quarter of 2012 starts off with a new show to add to the By the Numbers family. On Wednesday night, WWE debuted another show, Main Event and they join the other four WWE shows, Impact, and Ring of Honor in the totals. With the addition of a seventh show and an eleventh hour of wrestling, we had the highest total amount of wrestling in nine weeks. If you took out the total for Main Event, we would have had the third highest total since Raw went to three hours.

Raw returned to the form that it had from episodes 1001 through 1008 with a total of forty-four minutes of wrestling. Smackdown returned to second place after a two week absence and it returned over the thirty minute barrier for the first time in nine weeks. Impact and Superstars tied for third while Ring of Honor held fifth place and NXT was joined by Main Event in last place.

With the additional show, we also saw a record for the most matches on an individual week with thirty-six matches.

In what could only be considered a fluke, Raw had exactly one quarter of the wrestling and one quarter of the matches, their averages for the amount of wrestling per hour and average match length equaled the total for the week.

Even though we did not need the extra show to pass the eighteen thousand minute barrier, it did get us closer to the next barrier. Impact got past thirty-five hundred minutes. Next week should see Raw pass thirty-seven hundred minutes while Smackdown could pass thirty-eight hundred minutes if they match their total from this week.

Impact finally passed the seven hundred minute barrier while we get closer to thirty-five hundred total matches.

With the Big E Langston match on NXT, we finally reached the three hundred match plateau for one minute matches.

We also reached twelve hundred hours of wrestling this week with the first hour of Raw.

This column does not include the match from WWE's Saturday Morning Slam show.

The wrestling times below cover the wrestling that takes place during the show so commercials are not included. All times are rounded to the closest minute (examples: a 4:23 match will be listed as 4 minutes while a 4:32 match will be listed as 5 minutes and anything under a minute is rounded up to a minute).

Breakdown of the matches on each show:

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara versus Epico and Primo: 6 Minutes
Brodus Clay versus Antonio Cesaro: 1 Minute
Miz versus Zack Ryder: 3 Minutes
Ryback versus Tensai: 2 Minutes
Eve Torres versus Beth Phoenix: 3 Minutes
Santino Marella versus Heath Slater: 3 Minutes
Sheamus versus Damien Sandow: 13 Minutes
Alberto Del Rio versus Kofi Kingston: 3 Minutes
CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler versus Daniel Bryan and Kane: 10 Minutes

WWE Main Event
CM Punk versus Sheamus: 12 Minutes
Santino Marella and Zack Ryder versus Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel: 4 Minutes

Drew McIntyre versus Richie Steamboat: 4 Minutes
Big E Langston versus Aiden English: 1 Minute
Percy Watson versus Kassius Ohno: 3 Minutes
Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel versus The Ascension: 8 Minutes

WWE Superstars
Tyson Kidd versus Wade Barrett: 6 Minutes
Michael McGillicutty versus David Otunga: 5 Minutes
Yoshi Tatsu versus Tensai: 2 Minutes
Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow versus The Usos: 11 Minutes

TNA Impact
Ken Anderson versus Gunner: 2 Minutes
Gail Kim and Tara versus Brooke Tessmacher and ODB: 5 Minutes
Rob Van Dam versus Samoa Joe: 5 Minutes
Chavo Guerrero versus Kurt Angle: 7 Minutes
Zema Ion versus Douglas Williams: 1 Minute
Jeff Hardy versus Austin Aries versus Bully Ray: 4 Minutes

WWE Smackdown
Titus O’Neil and Darren Young versus Kofi Kingston and R Truth: 4 Minutes
Ryback versus Primo: 3 Minutes
Layla El versus Alicia Fox: 3 Minutes
Wade Barrett versus Some Guy: 2 Minutes
Miz versus Sheamus: 7 Minutes
Daniel Bryan and Kane versus David Otunga and Alberto Del Rio: 5 Minutes
Sheamus versus Tensai: 2 Minutes
CM Punk versus Dolph Ziggler: 7 Minutes

Ring of Honor
Adam Cole versus Tadarius Thomas: 7 Minutes
Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer versus Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin: 5 Minutes
Caprice Coleman and Cedric Alexander versus Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino: 7 Minutes

This Week’s Totals

Total Amount of Wrestling on Shows:

WWE Raw: 44 Minutes in 9 Matches (last week: 26 Minutes)
WWE Smackdown: 33 Minutes in 8 Matches (last week 24 Minutes)
TNA Impact: 24 Minutes in 6 Matches (last week: 25 Minutes)
WWE Superstars: 24 Minutes in 4 Matches (No Change)
Ring of Honor: 19 Minutes in 3 Matches (last week: No Wrestling)
WWE NXT: 16 Minutes in 4 Matches (last week: 23 Minutes)
WWE Main Event: 16 Minutes in 2 Matches (Debut Episode)

Total Wrestling for the Week: 176 Minutes in 36 Matches (Last Week: 122 Minutes in 25 Matches)

Hourly Averages
WWE Superstars: 24 Minutes (No Change)
Ring of Honor: 19 Minutes (up from 0 Minutes)
WWE Smackdown: 16.5 Minutes (up from 12 Minutes)
WWE Main Event: 16 Minutes (Debut Show)
WWE NXT: 16 Minutes (down from 23 Minutes)
WWE Raw: 14.67 Minutes (down from 8.67 Minutes)
TNA Impact: 12 Minutes (down from 12.5 Minutes)

Per Match Averages (this week):
WWE Main Event: 8 Minutes (Debut Show)
Ring of Honor: 6.33 Minutes (up from 0 Minutes)
WWE Superstars: 6 Minutes (No Change)
WWE Raw: 4.89 Minutes (up from 3.71 Minutes)
WWE Smackdown: 4.13 Minutes (up from 4 Minutes)
TNA Impact: 4 Minutes (down from 6.25 Minutes)
WWE NXT: 4 Minutes (down from 5.75 Minutes)

Longest Matches
Sheamus versus Damien Sandow: 13 Minutes (WWE Raw October 1)
CM Punk versus Sheamus: 12 Minutes (WWE Main Event October 3)
Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow versus The Usos: 11 Minutes (WWE Superstars October 5)

Shortest Matches
Zema Ion versus Douglas Williams: 1 Minute (TNA Impact October 4)
Big E Langston versus Aiden English: 1 Minute (WWE NXT October 4)
Brodus Clay versus Antonio Cesaro: 1 Minute (WWE Raw October 1)

Overall Totals

Total Wrestling Time by Show
WWE Smackdown: 3,769 Minutes
WWE Raw: 3.681 Minutes
TNA Impact: 3,520 Minutes
WWE Superstars: 2,785 Minutes
[On 1,632 Minutes]
[On WGN: 1,153 Minutes]
Ring of Honor: 2,252 Minutes
[On HDNet: 1,350 Minutes]
[On Sinclair: 902 Minutes]
WWE NXT: 2,082 Minutes
[Season 6: 338 Minutes]
[Season 5: 1,164 Minutes]
[Season 4: 161 Minutes]
[Season 3: 90 Minutes]
[Season 2: 158 Minutes]
[Season 1: 171 Minutes]
WWE Main Event: 16 Minutes

Overall Wrestling Time: 18,105 Minutes

Total Number of Matches by Show
WWE Raw: 820 Matches
WWE Smackdown: 776 Matches
TNA Impact: 703 Matches
WWE Superstars: 458 Matches
[On 264 Matches]
[On WGN: 194 Matches]
WWE NXT: 391 Matches
[Season 6: 70 Matches]
[Season 5: 197 Matches]
[Season 4: 29 Matches]
[Season 3: 24 Matches]
[Season 2: 31 Matches]
[Season 1: 40 Matches]
Ring of Honor: 289 Matches
[On HDNet: 174 Matches]
[On Sinclair: 115 Matches]
WWE Main Event: 2 Matches

Total Number of Matches: 3,439

Hourly Averages
Ring of Honor: 23.71 Minutes (down from 23.76 Minutes)
[On HDNet: 25.96 Minutes]
[On Sinclair: 20.98 Minutes (down from 21.0238 Minutes)]
WWE Superstars: 20.48 Minutes (up from 20.45 Minutes)
[On 21.19 Minutes (up from 21.16 Minutes)]
[On WGN: 19.54 Minutes]
WWE NXT: 15.31 Minutes (up from 15.30 Minutes)
[Season 6: 21.12 Minutes (down from 21.47 Minutes)]
[Season 5: 17.64 Minutes]
[Season 4: 12.38 Minutes]
[Season 3: 6.92 Minutes]
[Season 2: 12.15 Minutes]
[Season 1: 11.4 Minutes]
Overall Average: 14.96 Minutes (up from 14.95 Minutes)
WWE Smackdown: 13.76 Minutes (up from 13.74 Minutes)
TNA Impact: 12.941 Minutes (down from 12.948 Minutes)
WWE Raw: 12.44 Minutes (up from 12.41 Minutes)

Per Match Averages
Ring of Honor: 7.79 Minutes (down from 7.81 Minutes)
[On Sinclair: 7.84 Minutes (down from 7.88 Minutes)]
[On HDNet: 7.76 Minutes]
WWE Superstars: 6.0807 Minutes (down from 6.081 Minutes)
[On 6.182 Minutes (down from 6.185 Minutes)]
[On WGN: 5.94 Minutes]
WWE NXT: 5.325 Minutes (down from 5.338 Minutes)
[Season 6: 4.83 Minutes (down from 4.88 Minutes)]
[Season 5: 5.91 Minutes]
[Season 4: 5.55 Minutes]
[Season 3: 3.75 Minutes]
[Season 2: 5.1 Minutes]
[Season 1: 4.28 Minutes]
Overall Average: 5.265 Minutes (down from 5.268 Minutes)
TNA Impact: 5.007 Minutes (down from 5.015 Minutes)
WWE Smackdown: 4.857 Minutes (down from 4.86 Minutes)
WWE Raw: 4.489 Minutes (up from 4.485 Minutes)

Longest Matches
Tyler Black versus Davey Richards: 27 Minutes (Ring of Honor October 18, 2010)
Davey Richards and The Briscoes versus Roderick Strong and the Kings of Wrestling: 26 Minutes (Ring of Honor April 4, 2011)
John Cena, CM Punk, Sheamus, Kofi Kingston, Evan Bourne, and Mason Ryan versus Alberto Del Rio, Christian, Cody Rhodes, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger and David Otunga: 21 Minutes (WWE Raw October 3, 2011)

Shortest Matches
301 Total Matches at 1 Minute

The Last Ten Matches that Qualified:
Zema Ion versus Douglas Williams: 1 Minute (TNA Impact October 4)
Big E Langston versus Aiden English: 1 Minute (WWE NXT October 4)
Brodus Clay versus Antonio Cesaro: 1 Minute (WWE Raw October 1)
Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix versus Layla El and Alicia Fox: 1 Minute (WWE Raw September 24)
Brodus Clay versus Heath Slater: 1 Minute (WWE Smackdown September 21)
Sheamus versus David Otunga: 1 Minute (WWE Raw September 10)
Brodus Clay versus Ryan Collins: 1 Minute (WWE NXT September 6)
Madison Rayne versus ODB: 1 Minute (TNA Impact August 30)
Chase Donovan versus Big E Langston: 1 Minute (WWE NXT August 30)
Ryback versus Mike Skinner and Andy Tavares: 1 Minute (WWE Raw August 20)

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