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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-10 17:18:26
Tammy Sytch was arraigned today, again, and is still incarcerated. Sytch was informed that in order to be released, she needed to post $100,000 cash bond, specifically because she was seeing seen by the court two days in a row. Since she did not have the cash, she was kept in custody.

Sytch, according to the local NBC affiliate in Connecticut was arrested on Monday after her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend Damien Darling found her passed out in his home when he returned from work.

When authorities arrived, an empty container of alcohol was found and there was a hole in the bathroom door, which Darling told police was from her rambling and kicking at the door. Police found her under a blanket on the floor in the bedroom, and cited that she "reeked of alcohol" when they made her stand up.

Sytch was arrested again yesterday when she returned to Darling's home and entered through an unlocked door. She has claimed she only returned to retrieve her cell phone and some clothes and believed that entering the premises when Darling was not home would not be a violation of the restraining order against her. Sytch, who was dropped off down the block from the residence by a bail bondsman, stated she did not know to contact the local police for an escort in order to retrieve her belongings.

That restraining order, according to NBC Connecticut, "prevents her from assaulting, threatening, abusing, harassing, following, interfering with or stalking her ex-boyfriend, according to police. She has also been ordered to stay away from his home, not contact him and not come within 100 yards of him."

Interestingly enough, the pair were together at the FWE iPPV in Brooklyn, NY just this past Friday 10/5, including kissing while taping an interview together - which would be a violation of the restraining order.

Sytch's next court date is 10/30. WWE told NBC Connecticut that while they have sent Sytch to rehab three times, they will provide additional help if she asks for it.

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