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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-10 09:59:00

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There certainly isn't a warm feeling backstage anymore. After Punk striking a fan, Cena being out, and Vince firing someone on the spot. I know I may be overdramatic. But is this the start of the end of Vince McMahon. I mean clearly he's losing his touch and is starting to be inpatient and very frustrated. Is it just a matter of time before Triple H takes over?

To answer your second question first, yes it's just a matter of time until HHH takes over.  When that will be is the big question.  I don't see Vince walking away any time soon.  For one thing, he lives for what he does.  Without it, he isn't the same person.  He needs to be "the man". Also, my feeling is that he will do all that he can to turn things around because he feels he can and he doesn't want to walk away from the problems that the company has now.  I do agree with you thought that he should walk away.  He just doesn't understand what fans want any more.  He is trying to push the mid 80s philosophy on a world that has gotten far more sophisticated since then.  Him being out of touch and not listening to those who have a better finger on the pulse of young people is really hurting WWE.  Now, he is making rash decisions.  Brian Gewirtz isn't a great "wrestling mind" in my opinion, but he is not the problem with the product.  He, like everyone else in the creative end of WWE, is doing exactly what Vince asks them to do.  Vince is the problem.

 Writing this the day after the WWE creative shake up. Do you think Vince will continue the shake up and put the belt on Ryback at Hell in a Cell?

It wouldn't shock me.  I think it's too soon but on the other hand, Ryback is one of the few guys that they have brought up and pushed strongly.  They haven't cut his legs out from under him the way that they have with other guys, such as having John Cena say he has big nipples (and I am still trying to figure out what that meant and how it made it on Raw).  So sure, I could see it happening.

I've just read that WWE have issued an apology for Alberto and Ricardo's actions at a recent WWE event, namely tearing up a young fans sign. It scares me to think that WWE have come to being this soft, surely rule #1 in the heel handbook is tearing up a fans sign during the entrance. Next thing we know they'll be scared to give certain cities a slagging! I'm scared to think what's going to happen to CM Punk's title in the next coming weeks after Mondays Raw. Can't we let the heels just be heels without having to apologize for there actions?!

When you care more about little kids than you do putting on a realistic, quality product, nope heels can't be heels.  It's another major problem with WWE's product.

It seems to me that Ryback is being pushed as the next Goldberg. I think it's quite obvious they're setting up Ryback vs. Punk, do you think this can get the same response that the Goldberg streak produced? If so, how long until it loses steam? Not too long after defeating Hogan and crushing everyone the crowd grew tired of the story and his repertoire of 3 moves. I can't help but seeing this story line ending the same way.

It really is something you have to keep your pulse on because it's the kind of thing that people turn on in a hurry.  The problem is, if they have him get close and Punk has to cheat to win, Punk looks weak.  If Ryback dominates him, Punk looks weak.  The only way I would like to see it go is if Punk beats him in close matches, without help, a few times, and then Ryback breaks through.  But I highly doubt that Vince shares my vision.

My question regards Kane. How would you say he ranks amongst the stars of the last 15 years. I personally think he is a fantastic asset and a guaranteed hall of famer. He has been involved in big angles and no matter how stupid or dodgy his angles he is always over. His current stuff with Daniel Bryan continues to be entertaining and it's really gone down well with the fans. He also seems like one of the best workers the company has and an incredibly safe pair of hands. Do you think that he will be remembered very well or will some of the low points in his career where he was sidelined cause a problem in terms of how he is remembered?

I don't know if I would consider him an all-time great in the top tier but he is certainly a Hall Of Famer to me.  He is a guy that has gotten every bit out of what he had to work with.  I respect that.

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