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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-09 14:56:18
Hulk Hogan appeared on The Howard Stern Show this morning for over an hour promoting TNA's Bound for Glory and of course, discussion of the sex tape came up.

Hogan noted that his most recent surgery "nine weeks ago" was a hip replacement and that he's on Visalis to lose weight. He said he's around 290 lbs. which is what (he claims anyway) he weighed in Ninth Grade and was up to 340 lbs. when he was "on juice."

Howard asked Hulk about this sex tape thing. Hogan compared it to doing laundry at someone else's house (really?) He said that there will be a lawsuit because he didn't know he was being filmed and there's a law that both parties have to know (in Florida) and he was unaware and is embarrassed. Hogan said he got his life together and now this tape shows up six years later and you have to wonder who wants to hurt who by releasing it.

In regard to rumors of a second tape, Hogan said there could be another but he doesn't have any idea. Hs said his kids are being great about the entire situation and when he can, he'd like to come back and give the entire story about the situation. He first heard about the tape floating around 8 months ago.

Stern said there are a few theories about how the tape got into circulation - one that Bubba liked to watch his then-wife with other people and taped it and one that Heather Clem released it. He even noted that some people think Hogan leaked it. Hogan swore he didn't know about the tape. Hogan claimed the tape has "destroyed" his world and he prays his current wife, Jennifer, can hang in there and deal with it. He said that it went down before he even knew her. Hogan said she's had family members call her about it.

Stern wondered why someone would put the camera there and joked that it should have been a multiple camera shoot. Hogan said he's been rocked before but this is bad and it's something that's beyond repair. He said he understands why people who get down consider suicide.

Hogan's relationship with Bubba the Love Sponge is fine and they are still great friends. He said they spoke about Hogan getting out in front of this and Bubba was in support. They are praying Heather didn't leak the tape and they want to find out. Hogan admitted that he and Bubba had talked about him sleeping with Heather for years before it happened and she was "relentless" about the idea. Robin Quivers noted that Heather is said to be devastated about the tape as her family learned about what happened and Hogan said that he's praying she wasn't behind releasing the tape. Howard said that while he doesn't know her, he doesn't want to find out she was behind it either.

Stern joked about Linda Hogan's DUI taking the attention from the issue and Hogan said "been there, done that."

They plugged the TNA PPV with Stern asking if any of this is going to end up in the storylines. Hogan joked he could drop something else.

They then went into the story that Hulk Hogan was offered the lead role in "The Wrestler" and turned it down.

Hogan said giving Linda Hogan 73% of his worth was his choice as a way to get everything over with and having the ability to never speak to her again if he didn't want to.

Hogan was told that Vivid Video may have made a deal for the tape and wondered who they got it from.

A pissed off fan called in and said Hogan is just trying to get himself over with the tape and told a story of how Hogan wrote in his book that he met a dying fan at Wembley Arena for WWF and wasn't actually even at that show. Hogan said the guy was crazy.

Hogan said he didn't sue Linda for claiming he was gay with Brutus Beefcake because she dropped the accuations and said she was joking.

Hogan didn't think he'd get a negative reaction at the TNA PPV because of the tape.

Stern said there was a rumor Hogan would be in "Expendables 3" and Hogan said he'd be all for it.

Hogan made it clear Bubba was not in the room when he had sex with his wife.

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