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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-09 13:18:35
The fan that caused the entire incident that led to CM Punk striking another fan last night actually bragged about it on Twitter.

Dario Teyes, at his Twitter account, responded to someone noting they saw him on television and asking whether he saw the fan get punched:

"bro I'm the one that was f***ing with him lmao them he rocked an innocent fan. that guy is about to be a millionaire!!! I punched [Punk's] kidney and slapped his back hella hard. bro [Punk] straight pounced on a poor day white guy. I hit him ran away then ran back and stood next to him cause I saw the camera."

He was asked why no one pointed him out to security and wrote, "cause I dipped fast! Come on now poor fat guy is just hanging out putting his glasses on."

When Teyes was told he was going to get caught, he responded, "no one ever has and no one ever will."

Now that Teyes had outed himself as responsible, it should be interesting to see whether WWE or the local authorities pursue charges against him, especially since he publicly admitting assaulting Punk.

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