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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-09 02:10:20

As CM Punk was leaving through the crowd at the end of Raw, which just ended here on the West Coast, he could be seen getting in an altercation with a fan. One fan reached out and slapped him on his shoulder. Punk then turned and slapped a different fan that was behind him, thinking he was the one that slapped him.

Eric Sturrock sent this report of what happened afterward.

Laura Cole a reporter for CBS 13 out of Sacramento was at WWE Raw and talked to the fan after the show. On her twitter account, @Colereporting, she posted the following.

I wonder if @CMPunk actually hit the wrong fan. Oh no! This could get ugly in the world of popular opinion. 

Just talked to the fan that says he was hit by @cmpunk. He says he never hit Punk.

This fan says his face is a little warm after he says @cmpunk hit him. He also says Punk broke his glasses.

The fan is still filling out a report with law enforcement

I just found the guy and proceeded to ask him some questions. That's all

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