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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-08 17:24:47
The Raw announcing team tonight will be Michael Cole, JBL and Jim Ross.

Our pal Jason Barsky interviewed Kofi Kingston and R Truth this morning on his radio show in Sacramento:

Speaking of Sacramento, the site of tonight's Raw taping, will be the site of a January Smackdown taping on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013 will be held at the Power Balance Pavilion. The first pre-sale begins tonight (October 8th) during Monday Night Raw.

CM Punk noted on his Twitter that he will have new t-shirts out shortly and has lots more "fun announcements" to make this month, which he dubbed "Punktober."

Eric Sturrock sent the following....WWE Superstars was uploaded to Hulu Plus just after 12 AM Friday. Right before the Tensai/Yoshi match, when Matt Striker & Josh Matthews talk to the camera, two rows behind them to the right is a man with long hair and a beard throwing up the sign of the horns with his hands, wearing a EC F'N W shirt. Except "F'n" is blacked out. During the Tensai/Yoshi match you can see that fan jumping up and down and you can clearly see his shirt reads "EC F'N W" WWE forgot to censor it that time. I remebered seeing that fan during WWE Main Event on ION TV because of his inappropriate hand sign(V sign by his mouth with his tongue out aka licking vagina hand sign), and I went back and watched and he is wearing a CM Punk shirt so it appears WWE may have given him a shirt to censor the EC F'n W shirt. I wonder how they edited him out of the two WWE Saturday Morning Slam matchs if he gave that mouth hand sign again, as thats not even a PG14 hand sign!

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