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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-08 09:16:46
The Legends of the Ring convention returns this Saturday 10/13 to Monroe, NJ with a huge lineup of guests - Barry Windham, Kevin Nash, Jimmy Valiant, Jacques Rougeau, Hillbilly Jim, The Wild Samoans, Goldust, Wendi Richter, Bob Holly, a Too Cool reunion, a Headshrinkers reunion, Marc Mero, Harley Race and Vader reunion, Michael Tarver, Molly Holly, Tom Prichard, Paul Bearer, Paul Vachon, The Iron Sheik, The Beautiful People, Jimmy Hart, Tatanka, DDP, Armando Estrada, The Gymini, Slick, Dan Spivey. Nasty Boys, JJ Dillon, Tony Schiavone, Joey Styles, Howard Finkel, Tommy Dreamer, Ivelisse Velez of Tough Enough, Larry Sharpe, Jimmy Snuka, Matt Hardy, Bob Orton, Jasmin St. Claire and Robbie E.  For more details, visit  This is alway a really fun and well run convention.

Linda Hogan will be appearing in the TLC reality series "Brides of Beverly Hills" where she will be trying on different wedding outfits, even though her engagement to Charlie Hill went kaput.  Hogan had booked the appearance while still engaged and decided to stick with the plan.

The documentary "Theresa Sareno: Alive Again", which features Lanny Poffo, will be screening next Monday 10/15 at West End Cinemas in Washington, DC as part of the Reel Independent Film Festival's Women in Film and Video event.  The documentary looks at Sareno, a singer who loses her leg after being hit by a car in NYC, her recovery and efforts to bring awareness and help to military and trauma survivors.  The film is excellent.

Percy Pringle, Miss Tessmacher, Jimmy Valiant and Robbie E. are all slated to appear for Primal Conflict Wrestling at their biggest event of the year A Night to Remember 3 in Harpers Valley, Virginia on 11/10.  That event is headlined by Jimmy Jannetty of the old Tri-State Wrestling Alliance defending his PCW title against Napalm Bomb.

The ECWA held their annual K-Cup Tag Team tournament over the weekend in Newark, Delaware.  Named for the Fabulous Kangaroos, the tourney saw
the "ECWA Dream Team" of Aden Chambers & Kekoa defeated FUSION DS, Damian Dragon & Mat Saigon, to win the tournament.  The promotion is running Carney's Point, NJ (and if there was ever a town that was appropriately named to house wrestling, that is it), headlined by Papadon vs. Tony Mamaluke, which sounds awesome on paper.

Tommy Rich, Doug Gilbert, Eugene and Flash Flanagan will headline Columbus, Indiana's Hoosier Pro Wrestling on 11/3.  The promotion is asking fans to bring new unwrapped toys for children in need to assist the Cheer Fund Toy Drive. 

Axl Rotten and Steve Corino are working for ACW in Stevens, PA on 10/20.  That's the first booking I've heard of Rotten working since he was injured in his car wreck last April.  Good to see he is up and about.

Former ECW Original Tommy Cairo is now regularly promoting under the NWA Coastal banner in Bayville, NJ.

Former AWA star Buck Zumhoff is running Rock N' Roll Wrestling in the Minnesota and Wisconsin areas.

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