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By Richard Trionfo on 2012-10-07 10:35:12
We are live on tape from Baltimore, Maryland and your announcers are Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness.

Match Number One: Adam Cole versus Tadarius Thomas in a Survival of the Fittest Match

They lock up with a knuckle lock and they each try for leverage and Cole with a side head lock. Cole with a shoulder tackle and Thomas kips up before Cole can go off the ropes. Cole tries for a super kick but Thomas blocks it. Thomas with a kick that is blocked by Cole. Cole with a rana but Thomas lands on his feet.

Thomas with a waist lock but Cole with a wrist lock. Thomas with another waist lock. Cole with a hammer lock but Thomas with a side head lock. Thomas gets Cole into the ropes and Cole turns a leap frog attempt by Thomas into a reverse atomic drop. Cole with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Cole with a forearm followed by a back elbow for a near fall.

Thomas with punches but Cole with a leaping neck breaker for a near fall. Cole with a reverse chin lock. Thomas lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt. Thomas with a kick to the head and then he sweeps the leg and while Cole is in the air, he punches Cole in the chest.

Thomas with a punch followed by a hard Irish whip and Thomas gets a near fall. Thomas with a kick to the chest but Cole with a forearm. Cole and Thomas exchange forearms but Cole with the advantage. Thomas with kicks to the head but Cole with an enzuigiri for a near fall. Cole tries for a suplex but Thomas with a knee to the head.

Cole with a shoulder breaker out of a suplex set up for a near fall. Cole tries for the Florida Key but Thomas blocks it. Cole with a punch to the head but Cole is the one who feels it more. Thomas with a kick to the head. Cole misses a super kick and Thomas with a spin kick for a near fall.

Thomas with a Superman punch but he has a kick blocked. Thomas with a kick that sends Cole off the ropes and Thomas follows with a wraparound clothesline. Cole goes to the floor to regroup. Thomas goes for a dive but he sees Cole move so he uses the ropes to slow himself down and he goes to the apron. Cole goes for the legs but Thomas with a cartwheel.

Thomas comes off the apron and he is met with a super kick. Cole returns to the ring but Thomas with a shoulder from the apron and he gets a near fall with a sunset flip. Thomas kicks Cole away when Cole tries for a figure four leg lock. Thomas misses a kick but Cole with a super kick to the back of the head followed by the Florida Key and the three count.

Winner: Adam Cole

After the match, Cole and Thomas shake hands.

Kevin Kelly tells us that we will see the Davey Richards versus Mike Bennett and Jay Lethal versus Tommaso Ciampa matches in Survival of the Fittest next week.

The following week, we will see Homicide versus Roderick Strong, Mike Mondo versus Kyle O’Reilly, and Michael Elgin versus Rhino.

We go to commercial.

We are back and our next match is scheduled to be Fusion DS versus Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin.

Before the match can start, Rhett Titus’ music plays and he makes his way to the ring with a mic. Rhett tells Fusion DS that he knows they want their chance on television but he would like them to leave because he has a personal vendetta with Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin and he wants to take care of it right here and right now.

Charlie says Rhett has to be the dumbest son of a bitch he has ever seen. Rhett comes out here and demands a match with both of them. They beat him in singles and tag matches so he must have brain damage if he wants a piece of them. Charlie agrees to the match.

Rhett wants the match to happen and Bobby Cruise has been informed that the match is a go if they want it.

Charlie calls Rhett an idiot for wanting to fight both of them without a tag team partner.

Rhett says that he is many things, but a moron he is not. He tells Charlie that he never said he did not have a tag team partner.

BJ Whitmer comes from behind and attacks Haas while Titus and Benjamin battle. Our next match is on.

Match Number Two: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin versus Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer

They continue to exchange punches and then Titus and Whitmer with clotheslines. Titus clotheslines Benjamin over the top rope and then they fight on the floor. Whitmer with a back body drop to Haas. Whitmer with punches to Benjamin followed by a leg lariat. Haas is sent into the unforgiving and acoustically pleasing guardrails.

Benjamin wants a time out and Whitmer shakes Benjamin’s hand and he turns it into a belly-to-back suplex. Titus tags in and he connects with a boot to the ribs. Titus punches Benjamin. Benjamin sends Titus to the apron and when he tries for a springboard move, Haas is able to stop him from the floor.

Benjamin with a running knee to the head and then Haas punches Titus on the floor. Benjamin teases sending Titus into the guardrails, but he sends Titus back into the ring. Haas tags in and they hit a double gutbuster and then Haas sends Titus to the mat. Haas with boots to the head. Haas puts Titus on the turnbuckles and into the Tree of Woe. Haas with kicks and then the referee is distracted by Haas and Whitmer, allowing Benjamin to choke Titus. Haas with a kick to Titus.

Haas chokes Titus in the ropes but he misses a splash into the ropes and Titus tags in Whitmer. Benjamin is in as well. Whitmer with clotheslines to Benjamin followed by an Exploder suplex to Haas. Whitmer with a spinebuster to Benjamin but Haas breaks up the cover. Titus sends Haas to the floor and connects with a double sledge off the apron. Benjamin misses a splash into the corner and Whitmer with a rollup for the three count.

Winners: Rhett Titus and BJ Whitmer

After the match, Haas attacks Whitmer. Titus goes after Haas but Benjamin takes care of Titus.

Benjamin with a kick and punch to Whitmer while Haas holds him and then Benjamin hits Paydirt on Whitmer.

Haas and Benjamin pull Whitmer into the ring post and BJ’s nether regions are introduces to the cold, hard steel of the ring post.

We go to commercial.

We are back with Inside Ring of Honor and we take a look at Glory By Honor: The Unbreakable Hope.

The first thing Kevin talks about this week is the way that Mike Mondo is dealing with Maria Kanellis, leading up to his match with Mike Bennett. We go to an interview that Maria did with Veda Scott. Veda asks Maria about her problems with Mike Mondo. She says that the mention of his name makes her want to vomit. He is disgusting, creepy, and a pervert. She calls him slimy. Maria says that her boyfriend has vowed to take care of Mondo. Maria says that she never wants to be around Mike Mondo again.

Mondo shows up behind Maria from out of nowhere and he screams surprise. Maria tries to slap Mondo but he blocks it. Mike reminds Maria of the promise that he made to her boyfriend. He also made Maria a promise. He wants to know from Maria how it feels to be kissed by a real man.

Mike tells Maria to tell her boyfriend that he is looking for him.

In another match at Glory By Honor: The Unbreakable Hope, Davey Richards will face Jay Lethal. We see the comments from Davey Richards in Chicago at Death Before Dishonor.

Jay Lethal says that in Toronto, it is the two of them. If this was any other place, they would be shaking hands and have a great wrestling contest. Now it is different because Jay must win and he will win. Davey is a former World Champion. He had the opportunity of a lifetime but he failed. Jay says that he will not fail if he is given the opportunity. He will be the man who stands tall. In Toronto, he promises that he will defeat Davey.

Kevin talks about the matches for next week’s television in Survival of the Fittest and he talks about the health of Tommaso Ciampa. We see footage from when Ciampa injured his knee early in his match against Jay Lethal at Boiling Point.

RD Evans says that Tommaso Ciampa did suffer an injury at Boiling Point. In the embodiment of Survival of the Fittest, he toughed it out for three falls. At the precipice of the tournament, it is far too important to have a minor injury keep him . . . he means them from succeeding. He tells people not to believe the rumors. His man will compete at Survival of the Fittest.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kevin Kelly is in the ring and he introduces the World Champion Kevin Steen and the World Tag Team Champions Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs.

Steve Corino tells Kevin Kelly to leave the ring so he can conduct the interview with the World Champion.

Steve asks Kevin what he has to say.

Kevin says that he will put his World Title on the line against Michael Elgin. The crowd approves and Kevin says that it is unfortunate that they like him. Kevin has some things to tell Mr. Elgin.

Michael makes his way to the ring and he is with Truth Martini.

Truth tells Steen to shuuuuuuuuuuuuuush because nobody wants to hear what he has to say. Truth says that everything that comes out of Steen’s mouth is nothing but hoopla . . .

Elgin takes the mic and he tells Truth that the only hoopla he hears is Truth’s mouth. He is here to hear what Steen has to say. He tells Kevin that he is a man of few words and since Steen is a man of so many words, he will let Kevin talk.

Kevin has three things to tell Elgin. One, he does not like Elgin. When they stand in the ring in Toronto, he will have Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino, two men that he can trust and the Tag Team Champions by his side. Where are Roderick Strong, Rhino, and the rest of the House of Truth. Michael says that he doesn’t need anybody? Steen says that he came back to Ring of Honor for two reasons. He wants to kill this company and he wants to steal the show every single night. He believes that he normally does, but in Florida, Elgin wrestled Davey Richards and they stole the show.

Steen does not like it when people steal the show and his spotlight. That one night in Florida compared to the six years that he has spent pouring his heart and soul to get the title. In Michael’s home town, he might have the entire city of Toronto behind him because he will walk out of Toronto the same way that he did on May 12th, as World Champion. Steen says that he is unbreakable and unbeatable. He says that he is the best damn thing in pro wrestling today.

Michael says that actions speak louder than words. Elgin punches Steen and then he goes after Corino. Corino and Jacobs try to attack Elgin but they are stopped by Michael. Steen hits Elgin with the title belt.

Roderick Strong comes out but he stays by the entrance and does not come out to help Elgin. Rhino and the Guardians of Truth make their way to the ring and Corino, Steen, and Jacobs leave the ring.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Three: Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman versus Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs for the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Titles

Coleman and Jacobs start things off and Jacobs offers his hand but it was a trap. Coleman with punches to Jacobs and Jacobs goes to the mat. Coleman with more punches to the midsection and head. Coleman with a drop kick and he gets a near fall. Alexander tags in and Coleman with a suplex and Alexander with a slingshot senton. Alexander with a suplex and he tags in Coleman who hits a slingshot senton of his own.

Jacobs with a jawbreaker and Corino tags in. Coleman with an arm drag and arm bar. Corino with an abdominal stretch on Coleman but he does not know Alexander made the tag until it is too late and Alexander with a drop kick. Alexander holds Corino for Coleman to hit a leaping leg lariat and Alexander adds some impact with a spinebuster. Alexander with a near fall.

Corino with an Irish whip but Alexander with an elbow. Cedric climbs the turnbuckles for a cross body but Corino walks out of the way. Jacobs tags in and Jacobs with a double sledge from the turnbuckles. Jacobs with a snap mare and drop kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Jacobs with a neck breaker and then he leaps on Alexander’s chest and then he drops an elbow.

Corino tags in and they punch Alexander and Corino gets a near fall. Jacobs tags back in and we go to commercial as they hit a double cross arm neck breaker.

We are back and the Alexander is trying to fight his way out of his opponent’s corner with a series of elbows and punches. Corino sends Alexander into Jacobs on the apron and Corino gets a near fall. Corino sends Alexander into Jacobs’ feet. Jacobs tags back in and Corino hits a back breaker and Jacobs tries for a back senton but he lands on Alexander’s knees.

Coleman tags in and he punches Corino and Jacobs. He connects with clotheslines and an STO on Corino. Coleman tries for a drop kick into the corner on Jacobs but Jimmy moves and Coleman goes to the mat. Jacobs stomps on the chest but Coleman is able to kick Jacobs off. Coleman runs Jacobs into the corner and hits two rolling Northern Lights suplexes. Corino tries to stop Coleman but Coleman with a kick to Corino and then he hits a third Northern Lights suplex, this time on both men and then he gets a near fall on Jacobs.

Coleman with a tornado DDT on Corino and he kicks Jacobs as he goes around. Coleman punches Jacobs and he kicks him. Coleman with a springboard cross body onto Corino on the floor. Jacobs slides to the floor and then Coleman uses the ring post for momentum to kick Jacobs. Alexander with a flip dive onto Jacobs and Corino.

Alexander hits a sit out front driver and Coleman goes up top for a leg drop but Corino breaks up the cover. Corino has a lariat blocked by Coleman and Alexander and then the challengers go high and low on Corino.

Jacobs with a forearm to Coleman and a kick to Alexander. Coleman sends Jacobs into the corner and Jacobs tries for the Contra Code but Coleman reverses it and applies a waist lock. Jacobs with a standing switch. Alexander with a running drop kick into the corner on Corino. Alexander does the same to Jacobs.

Coleman puts Jacobs on the turnbuckles and hits the standing super rana while Alexander hits the frog splash. Corino hits Coleman with a roll of quarters and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners: Cedric Alexander and Caprice Coleman (by disqualification)

After the match Corino sends Alexander into the guardrails and then Jacobs and Corino attack Coleman in the ring.

Michael Elgin comes to the ring and he takes care of Corino and Jacobs.

Truth Martini sees Elgin shaking hands with Coleman and Alexander and he cannot believe what he is seeing.

We go to credits.

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