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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-09 09:59:00

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We all know how much Vince loves Cena, which is why he's in main event after main event, Raw after Raw and PPV after PPV. Shouldn't Cena take some of the blame, too? Has he ever said "look, people are tired of seeing me in main events all the time, have someone else do it?"

There aren't many guys that would say "pull me out of the top spot" so I don't have a problem with him for not doing that.  But yes, he definitely deserves a lot of the blame for the slide since he is the top pushed guy.

Was just looking at the RAW ratings slide, and it made me wonder. Isn’t there always scuttlebutt about the champion driving the ratings? I would hate to think that’s true, because CM Punk certainly doesn’t deserve any blame for what RAW has become. His segments (usually) are strong.

I don't think Punk deserves any of the blame.  He is doing the best he can with weak creative.  Plus, he is pushed at the expense of John Cena, so the blame in my opinions falls on him.  But with that said, sure people could blame Punk if they want to.  I just don't think it would be fair.

So CM Punk is associated with Paul Heyman, but what if Heyman (being the character he is) is using Punk and turns on him by bringing back Lesnar, setting up Punk vs. Lesnar at Survivor Series, and Lesnar winning the title. You can even do the rematch at TLC to keep the feud fresh, but than you fast forward to The Royal Rumble, setting up Rock vs. Lesnar II. Talk about generating a ton of interest and generating money from November going into Wrestlemania season, and having Lesnar still work with the top stars in the company.

They could definitely pull it off given the guys involved but I have my doubts that creative has it in them to write anything compelling right now.   I am not saying that they don't have the ability but until they show me they can do it, I will remain hesitant to believe that they can.

Who does Vince McMahon love more?
A) His wife of 46 years Linda McMahon.
B) John Cena.

C) Triple H.

So last week on Raw, Ryback squashes the I-C champion in a non-title match, which has no bearing on the end of the show where he stares down the WWE champion. My question is, why have Ryback flatten Miz if there's no meaning at all behind it? Wouldn't it make much more sense to: a. actually give Ryback the I-C belt and have him continue to squash challengers, giving the belt at least a little meaning, or... b. have him flatten ANYBODY else on the roster so as not to make the I-C champ look ridiculously weak.

I wish I had an answer.  I had the exact same criticism.  Their booking continues to numb my mind.  I have no problem with Ryback squashing people but a champion?  Why?

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