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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-08 09:59:00

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What were the details of the heat between Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage?

 The story I heard was that it involved their respective relationships with Elizabeth.  I will leave it at that.

Do you think it’s possible that one reason that RAW’s ratings are dropping from hour 2 to hour 3 is because WWE has been marketing to kids, and kids tend to go to bed earlier than males age 18-34? And if so, if this is the approach they’re going with, should the whole concept of their flagship show lasting until 11 o’clock be revisited?

It is possible, sure.  But they have been marketing them for years now and that never killed hour three the way it does now.  I just think it's three hours of a mediocre product and after two hours of it, people tune out.

A recent Q&A question got me thinking: do you think that we're in a point in history where it's possible to have a gay babyface? Rather than doing an over the top stereotype that's been done in the past with a heel using aggressive homosexual traits to make the crowd uncomfortable to garner heat, could you have a guy like, say, Justin Gabriel just happen to be gay? It's not his defining characteristic, it's just a part of his character? It would be a great way for WWE to put their money where their mouth is with their anti-bullying campaigns. Have a storyline where a babyface comes out, a borderline face (maybe his tag partner) can't accept the babyface's sexuality, tries to bully and ostracize him, and the other faces (specifically Cena) rally to his defense. In the end, the borderline face turns heel because of his bullying and the gay babyface goes over in the feud.

I personally would have no problem with it but unfortunately I think that there are at least some people out there that are prejudiced against gay people or at least wouldn't accept the character.  To me, it's a non-issue but I don't speak for everyone. 

On the 10/03/12 Ask PWInsider column, Dave answered a question regarding lesbian/gay storylines. In part he replied, "As long as WWE is doing PG, they will probably stay away from it. They are marketing to kids right now." What precisely did that mean? Is there an insinuation here that lesbian/gay relationships is not considered PG, that exposure to those kinds of romantic interactions would be considered harmful to children? Is this WWE's view? Romantic entanglements exist in WWE (AJ Lee's recent situation quickly comes to mind), and in an entertainment medium where performers are shown to be kicked in the head, hit with pipes, thrown through tables, with an announcer/color commentator putting down a woman for her appearance and body type, I am just asking for clarification on this answer regarding homosexual relations not considered PG.

What I meant is that I feel WWE would consider it to be too controversial.  As I said above I have no problem with it.  Trying to make wrestling fit into a logical box is something that just can't be done.

I am always a little confused regarding Vince McMahon's real life character. On one side, he's the guy who allowed (some say came up with) the Katie Vick-debacle, who suggested an incest storyline, who made Mike Adamle do a derogatory comment about Jerry Lewis' charity work and who humiliated Jim Ross on so many occasions that I can't even remember how many times it actually happened, yet he is the same man who does a ton of charity work with his company, often unrecognized by the public, who according to numerous sources stayed at Jerry Lawler's bed after his heart attack, who gave JR his well deserved appreciation night and who pays rehab for wrestlers who are not even under contract with WWE anymore. So my question, which might sound a little overly dramatic, is: Is Vince McMahon a good person?

 I am not one to judge anyone else.  What I will say is that Vince is definitely a multi-layered person that is often paradoxical.

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