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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-07 09:59:00

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With the new WWE show on Ion, do you think there's any chance they use the show to help boost the credibility of the IC or US titles? I think having those belts defended regularly on such a show could actually help make them seem more relevant.

I don't see it happening.  If WWE is going to change any kind of direction it will start on Raw and then carry over to the other shows.

Do you think its fair to be so hard on WWE. It seems everyone has a problem with the product. Then why watch it.  People complain and complain. Don't watch it and then no one will complain. There are some problems with it. But it's all not terrible. Everyone seems to focus on the bad though instead of looking at the good. Do you agree?

 I don't agree at all.  People complain because they love the business and want to see a quality product.  When they see WWE making the same problems over and over again it frustrates them and they complain.  Most of them only do it because they want the product to get better.  I have no problem with that.

I know you've championed the idea of Bully Ray being the guy behind "Aces and Eights," but doesn't the build-up require a bigger payoff than just "It's one of the heels"? Actually, given the angle itself -- "Aces and Eights" aka the "Dead Man's Hand", motorcycles -- one could make the argument that anything short of The Undertaker will be a disappointment. It seems to me that an angle of this scope require a shocking babyface turn or a huge star coming in. My nomination is Sting. Given that this angle is playing out in nWo style ("Choose a team to wrestle us!"), Sting would be poetic justice, since he was going to be "The Third Man" if Hogan got cold feet. Sting turning heel and being revealed as the guy behind "Aces and Eights" on the same day he is inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame... that could be a pretty cool angle.

That is an interesting way to do it.  I would pop for that.

iON's new WWE Main Event irks me a little because it takes part of its name from the old Saturday Night's Main Event show we'd get every now and then on NBC. Does this actually mean NBC won't be airing any more of those shows with that name?

I am not sure what the status of the NBC show is but it bombs in the ratings and it's not a priority for the company.

I thought the clubhouse thing was good. It was goofy granted but I thought it was a good segment. It could have gone a lot worse. I don't think Hogan is being used right in TNA though. Do you agree?

Hogan is 59 years old and while he is a legend, he should not be the focal point that he is.  He is also overexposed (yes, that was a sex tape pun).  He has a place in TNA but it shouldn't be as the focal point of the company.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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