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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-06 11:15:47
Family Wrestling Entertainment presented the biggest event in their history last night at the St. Patrick's Gym in Brooklyn, NY as they drew 550 and turned away fans from the building last night. While they have had larger crowds in Manhattan, in terms of atmosphere and environment, it was the best audience the promotion has ever had. The iPPV debut did well for the company as they hit well above their break even number for the live stream and the plan is to do additional iPPVs down the line. The lone downside for the show was that they didn't bring in outside lighting for the show's broadcast, which was really the only criticism one could have for the show. The six man tag with Paul London & Brian Kendrick & Jay Lethal vs. The Young Bucks & Petey Williams was easily the best match in company history and well worth searching out. Johnny Knockout needed to go to the hospital after he was deeply cut behind the ear, either from taking a table bump or being hit with a title belt. The Damien Darling vs. Knockout Streetfight was much wilder than originally planned, but hey, that's pro wrestling. You can order a replay of the FWE event by clicking here.

Speaking of the Young Bucks, their ROH deals expired on 10/1 and they are done with the promotion.

Colt Cabana and his love of great wrestling theme music was chronicled in the Village Voice this week. It's an awesome piece and featured Cabana revealing that when he was in WWE as Scotty Goldman, he pitched coming out to "Jive Soul Bro", which WWE wanted nothing to do with. You can check it out at this link.

World of Hurt Wrestling will be running an iPPV tomorrow evening from Glen Falls, NY based around a homecoming for WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Duggan. Duggan will be wrestling "Purebred Platinum Blonde" Vince Beach in what is Duggan's first appearance in his hometown in over a decade. Also set for the iPPV:

*Danger & Jeff Starr & Jim Tanner vs Shane Alden & Swinger Sidusky & Virus

*WOW champion Punk (not CM) vs. Hoss (not Funk)

For more details and to order the iPPV, click the poster below:

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