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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-06 10:00:00
What do you think of Velvet Sky designing her own line of merchandise? It has answered two questions about her. One, she may be officially done with TNA. I mean she could have remained in TNA and had them help her market her clothes, but that doesn't seem to be her motive considering she gave up being the most popular woman in the company. I have heard that she has also told fans at her autograph signings that Bruce Pritchard played a big factor in TBP's departure. Two, it seems she has retained her "My Little Pony" name, Velvet Sky, and is continuing to use it to help market herself outside of TNA. This likely means she is still gonna wrestle for a living while promoting her new brand. Even though many independent wrestlers have their own shirts such as Matt Hardy, Shane Helms, and even the Big O., I think her thing is sort of like a Ryder-esque approach. I remember how much she tried to pursue WWE, and could be again now that she is out of TNA. If that's the case, it's a good way for her to get noticed and be a test of how much she can profit on her own with no help from another company. I bet WWE would be very impressed if she can get a ton of customers investing in her, and see her as a bigger draw than most of the current Divas regardless of her age & so-so abilities. The fact that she may be getting cleaner than her gimmick in TNA could also help her chances.

Sky is 100% done with TNA. As far as her developing her own clothing line, I am all for it. Anything that a wrestler can do to provide themselves another outlet of creativity and revenue stream is awesome. I think that sometimes, performers get trapped in doing wrestling and feel stagnant. Anything that can break that is a wonderful thing.

With Eve Torres winning the all star military style training competition do you think the whole experience and training might help her improve as a wrestler in the ring?

I don't see any correlation between one and the other.

Beth Phoenix was soundly defeated on Raw recently by Divas champion Eve Torres. Is this what its going to be like for Beth Phoenix before she goes? Having to do jobs for others she is more than capable of beating?

Well, it is proper protocol for someone when they are leaving an area to put others over to make the company stronger, so yes.

Its too bad that TNA could not resign Devon. In a way I'm not really surprised. If I was let go by TNA I don't know if I'd be quick to sign up. Its a matter of pride some would say. Opinion?

I think it would depend on the person. They may not care and just want the money. It may be that they ran out of time before the deal expired. Others may feel the way you do.

In answer to a question on who do you think a DVD should be produced you mentioned the late Adrian Adonis. I never saw much about him in the ring but one thing struck me about him that I always marveled at. How such a man his size can move with the greatest of ease is beyond me. I saw him flip himself over quickly with very little effort. Incredible. I don't recall but was he ever inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? If not, why not?

He's never been inducted and I have no idea why not.

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