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By James Cohorn on 2012-10-05 23:02:41
Christy Hemme opened with the singing of the National Anthem.

Christy Hemme handled the announcing tonight.

1. Gunner vs. Eric Young with OBD. Eric Young wins with cradle roll up pin.

2. Knockout Championship Match-Tara vs. Miss Tessmacher Tara had a Miss Tessmacher bridged in the corner of the ring but the referee saw Tara's feet on the ropes & stopped rhe count. Tessmacher was playing possum & got the win with a small package roll up. Earl Hebner was announced as the most infamous referee in pro wrestling. He was wearing his "Damn Right I did" shirt.

3. Kazarian with Christopher Daniels vs. The Phenomenal A.J. Styles. Kazarian said that we were treated to a special rendition of Christy's signing. Kaz said that he would entertain us by signing. He the said that us Arkanslobs didn't deserve it because all he saw was fat people in Fat Springs.

Kaz & Daniels hugged at the start of the match. A.J. said that it made him wonder which one was the pitcher & which one was the catcher. A.J. hit a Pele' on Kaz which knocked him to the apron. A.J. was going to suplex Kaz back into the ring but Daniels grabbed Styles feet & Kaz floated over to get the pin as Daniels was still holding Styles feet.

It was mentioned during the intermission that Earl Hebner refereed his 100,000th match about 3 months ago.

4. Christopher Daniels with Kazarian vs. Kurt Angle. Earl Hebner was the referee for the match & said that he was given word by the fans that there was cheating involved between Kaz & Daniels. He told Kaz that he just got a hug from Daniels & now to kiss him goodbye as he was being sent to the back. Daniels attempted the BME but missed & landed on his feet Angle tried an Angle Slam but Daniels slipped out of it to which Angle then tried an Ankle Lock but Kaz ran out to cause a distraction. A.J. then came out to help Angle. Kurt got the win with the Ankle Lock. All four men brawled for a few mixtures after the match.

5. RVD vs. Matt Morgan. Morgan came out through the crowd wearing street clothes. He was escorted out by security. RVD wins as I guess the match wasn't official.

6. Main Event Match- Pick Your Partner Match. Bobby Roode was introduced & he got the opportunity to pick his partner. James Storm was then introduced as Roode's opponent & would get to pick his partner. It was said that it would be done by random draw & Storm would pick first. Roode objected & got to pick first & chose Bully Ray. Storm picked TNA Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries as his partner. Storm said that he found a partner that made Roode tap out. A chicken leg chant was started by James Storm as he was referring to Bully Ray. He then said that Roode was the It Factor so if you put chicken & the letters sh next to it you would get chicken sh*t. A team chicken sh*t was chant then was started by Storm & then the fans proceeded to call them that.

Bobby Roode & Bully Ray vs. James Storm & TNA Heavyweight Champion Austin Aries. Aries was worked over & double teamed for awhile as Roode & Ray kept making illegal tags behind Earl Hebner's back. Aries would tag in Storm but the ref never did see it & not allow. Storm was finally tagged in. Roode got Storm's beer & trice to spit it in Storm's face but it backfired & Storm super kicked Roode for the win.

Very small & disappointing crowd of around 350-400. TNA came to Hot Springs last May & drew around 1500-1700.

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