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By Gregory Davis on 2012-10-05 20:39:35
· For an hour before the show, they showed their usual montage of videos, from the corporate overview of the company (with the TV-PG logo getting a lot of booing) to other DVD and movie trailers. In between each one was a trivia question about Punk’s career, including “who did he beat for the ROH Championship?”

· The crowd would applaud with varying amounts of cheers when various people or promotions would pop up for the first time. Cena was the only one who was 100% booed.

· Most of the Q&A has been mentioned in other recent panels. It was only 20 minutes because he had an early flight for the upcoming loop. The only question of interest that I recall was “how would the infamous Pipe Bomb have continued on if he wasn’t cut off?” Punk said there wasn’t a big mystery. For the bullying campaign, he was just going to say Vince was a bully, and he didn’t have a deep, personal story to reveal.

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