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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-05 10:00:52
Even with his new "corporate" haircut, I don't see HHH stepping away completely from the ring. I think it is obvious that he is not seeking a title run or planning on a full time run; How can he not be involved in Wrestlemania? I just don't see it happening.

We haven't seen the end of Triple H inside a WWE ring.

Just wondering what you thought of Main Event on ION? I liked in that it was different from raw or smackdown. Kind of reminded me a little of the 80s and 90s version of WCW main event on tbs or worldwide wrestling. Where they present a couple of good matches and non storyline driven. Also liked the before and after backstage interviews.

I thought the presentation of the entire episode was very well done and felt different from the usual WWE shows. Punk vs. Sheamus was actually one of the better in-ring matches WWE has presented on TV in quite awhile too. WWE has to create something unique in order to get the audience to watch yet another hour of their programming and did a nice job of that with the Ion Network debut. I hope it continues and doesn't go the way that Velocity, Superstars, etc. eventually did with matches that had little in the way of meaning or effect to the overall WWE.

Do you fear that with Hulk Hogan becoming more involved in the Aces & Eights storyline that his presence might ruin what otherwise has been a very facinating and interesting show?

I don't fear it, but it's hard to claim that there's been some silly, illogical stuff since Hogan became more involved.

What do you think of the recent work of Divas champion Eve Torres? From fan favorite to heel. How would you rate her as a heel so far? 1-10

I think she works hard, especially for someone who's isn't great inside the ring. I think she's been a very good heel but they've tweaked her persona far too often for my taste since she turned. First she was the woman using her beauty, then she was sexy evil corporate woman and now she's the heel who's acting fake and like everyone loves her. They need to slow all that progression down. None of it allows the audience to connect with her.

If you could only answer one match, what was the most extreme thing you've ever seen in wrestling?

I've seen a lot but nothing will ever top the IWA Kawasaki Dream show in terms of insane stipulations, brutal matches, blood and performances that left guys, literally with second and third degree burns. If there was ever a show more extreme than that, I really don't want to know how bad the workers were injured after.

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