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By Stuart Carapola on 2012-10-04 22:06:00
Welcome to's live, ongoingcoverage of Impact Wrestling!

Hulk Hogan is backstage in his office telling Sting that if they lose at Bound For Glory, everything they've worked for goes down the toilet. Sting says he wishes Hogan could join him in the match, but he'll have his eyes on everyone tonight and he'll see who's ready to team with him at the PPV. Hogan says to do that and he's got his back.

Ken Anderson comes out to the top of the entryway to get a microphone and say that if Hogan and Sting need help against Aces & Eights, they might want to gather around the monitor for this.

Ken Anderson vs Gunner

Gunner jumps Anderson before the bell, but Anderson fires backand hits a rolling neckbreaker for 2. Gunner catches Anderson with some right hands in the corner, but runs into a hiptoss and bails out to the floor after taking a dropkick. Anderson goes out after Gunner, but gets distracted by Kid Kash and Gunner slugs him from behind as we see Sting watching the match intently from backstage. Gunner connects with a back elbow and covers for 2, then gets Anderson in a COPS vice. Gunner charges Anderson in a corner, but misses and Anderson hits the Mic Check for 3.

Winner: Ken Anderson

Kid Kash runs in and attacks Anderson, but Anderson hits a Mic Check on him as well and stands tall in the ring as Kash and Gunner hightail it to the back. Sting is still watching intently backstage.

Tara is backstage on the phone with Boo 2 and says she's not sure why Stacy and George canceled on them, but Gail comes in to tell her to get off the phone and concentrate on the match. Gail says that if Tara wins the title, she'd better watch her back because she'll be coming for it. Gail walks off as Tara wonders what Torrie and A-Rod are doing.

Tara & Gail Kim vs Brooke Tessmacher & ODB

Taryn Terrell is our referee again this week as Gail tries to tackle ODBand bounces right offher boobage. ODB splashesGail inthe cornerandgoes for a firewoman's carry, Gailslips out but gets flattenedby a clothesline. ODB with a big slam and then tags out to Brooke, who dropkicks Gail into the corner and gives her a stinkface. Gail dodges a charge from ODB and tags out to Tara, but ODB knocks her on her butt into the corner and hits the Bronco Buster. ODB holds the ropes to avoid a dropkick and suckerpunches Gail while she's at it, but Tara uses the opening to yank ODB down by the hair and drill her with several right hands to the face. Gail comes in and chokes ODB in the corner with her boot, then hits her running crossbody in the corner. Gail punts ODB in the ribs and hits a clothesline for 2, but Tara tags herself in and puts the boots to ODB. Tara shakes her ass and moonsaults...right onto ODB's knees. ODB makes the hot tag to Brooke, who comes in and tears into Tara with several clotheslines and a flying headscissors. Brooke with a front bulldog out of the corner, but Gail breaks up the pinfall attempt. Gail argues with Terrell, but ODB spears her out to the apron. ODB stops for a nip of her flask, but Gail Tullys her out to the floor. Tara runs up behind Gail and shoves her into Brooke, then hits the Widow's Peak on Brooke for 3.

Winners: Tara & Gail Kil

Tara points into the camera and says "I did it for you, baby!" I assume she means Boo 2. Gail looks pissed off at ringside.

Bruce Prichard and Al Snow are backstage looking over some paperwork, and Snow says he'll take care of whatever they're talking about.

We see a video package lookingat the history of the Joey Ryan-Al Snow situation, then Snow comes out to the ring to introduce Joey Ryan, who comes swaggering out to the ring with a big smile on his face. Snow says he let his emotions overcome his judgment, and he put TNA in a very bad position. As a result, he would like to apologize for his actions on behalf of Impact Wrestling. Ryan tells Snow to say he's sorry, and Snow says he just did, but Joey says he doesn't want to hear an apologment on behalf of TNA management, he wants to hear that Snow is sorry. Snow extends his hand to Joey and says he's sorry, but Joey tells Snow to get the hand away from him because he's pathetic. Joey manipulated Snow just like he manipulated the 87%, and tonight is about him, so he tells Al to share with everyone the other agreement their legal counsel came to. Snow takes a contract out of his jacket pocket, and he offers it to Joey Ryan on behalf of Impact Wrestling. Snow tries to tell him he ought to look at something on the contract, but Joey says he doesn't need to hear Snow's advice, and tells Snow to turn around so he can sign the contract on his back. Joey signs the contract and jabs Al in the back a couple of times with the pen, then shoves the contract into Snow's hands and tells Snow to announce him as the newest member of the Impact Wrestling roster. Snow says he's not a full-time contracted wrestler for Impact Wrestling yet, and that he should have taken Snow's advice and read the contract a little more carefully because that is a one-night contract for a match with Al Snow at Bound For Glory. Snow says he's going to beat his ass, and he'll see him at Bound For Glory.

Kurt Angle is backstage telling Sting that Aces & Eights attacked him too, and he doesn't mind pulling double duty. Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian pop their heads around the corner to eavesdrop as Sting says that nobody can pull double duty like that, but he'll think about it because he's Kurt Angle. Bully Ray walks in and tells Sting that he should be in the title match at Bound For Glory, but he's not because of Aces & Eights, and he asks Sting what he has to do to become his pahtnah. Sting says that Bully needs to make something happen tonight, Bully asks how but Sting tells him to find a way to make something happen because he's the biggest, baddest bully in TNA.

TV Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Rob Van Dam

Joe with a go behind and takes RVD down with a waistlock to start, but RVD gets a switch and takes Joe down with a sloppy leg ride. Joe punches his way free and runs RVD over with a pair of clotheslines, a charging clothesline in the corner, and a leaping enziguiri. RVD rolls over Joe's back on a backdrop attempt, but Joe counters a rolling cradle attempt to an STF. RVD makes the ropes and goes out to the floor where he nails Joe, he tries to ram him into the guardrail but Joe blocks and connects with some kneestrikes before whipping RVD into the steps. They go back inside where RVD connects with a high kick to the temple and a springboard thrust kick. RVD with Rolling Thunder to Joe's back, but Joe kicks out at 2. RVD goes for the rolling monkey flip, but that is NOT going to happen, and Joe blocks and goes for the Muscle Buster. RVD rolls out and gets the stepover leg lariat, then takes about six years to go up for the five star frogsplash. Joe grabs him before hecan come off the top and hits the Muscle Buster for 3.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Hell of a match, and I think that's the first time Joe's ever beaten RVD.

AJ Styles is backstage with Chavo Guerrero Jr and Hernandez to talk about Aces & Eights, but Chavo tells him not to change the subjectbecause AJ stuck his nose in last week's match. Daniels and Kazarian come in to tell AJ that Angle wassaying he doesn't need AJ sincehe can win the title by himself, and AJ leaves to go find out what's going on.

Dixie Carter talks about her favorite Bound For Glory memory, which was in 2009 when Sting won the TNA World Title from Kurt Angle, then she says she loves Bound For Glory because great memories come out of it every year.

We look at earlier tonight when King Mo arrived at the Impact Zone, then we go backstage where Austin Aries tries to bury the hatchet with Hardy over last week...even though Aries did most of the work last week. He wants to put their issues on the back burner and just have a good match, but then Bully Ray comes in and says that he's going to punch one of them in the face later tonight because he needs to prove himself to Sting. He's going to take out Jeff Hardy and prove himself by beating the #1 contender, but Aries says he won't prove anything because he's the World Champion. Bubba says he already beat him, and Aries says he couldn't beat him without the chain, but Hardy suggests making it a three way match tonight. Aries is pissed that Hardy's making matches, but Bully agrees so it looks like we're on.

Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Kurt Angle

Chavo gets a side headlock to start, Angle sends him into the ropes but Chavo takes Angle down with a shoulderblock and goes back to the headlock. Angle tries a back suplex, but Chavo holds onto the headlock. Angle backs Chavo to the corner and puts the boots to Chavo before Chavo turns it around and unloads with right hands and European uppercuts. Chavo hits the ropes but gets backdropped into next week, and Angle chokes poor Chavo on the second rope while having words with Hernandez. Angle with a clothesline and a snap suplex for 1, then he goes to a rear gut wrench. Chavo elbows out of the hold, but walks right into an overhead release suplex that gets a pair of 2 countsfor Angle. Angle goes back to stomping Chavo, but Chavo hits a flying headscissors and a dropkick, followed by a rolling senton for 2. Angle with another overhead release suplex and goes for the Angle Slam, but Chavo armdrags out and hits a flying headscissors into a seated cradle for 2. Chavo steals Eddy's Three Amigos again, but Angle gets a series of rolling German suplexes and goes for the ankle lock. Chavo kicks him off and hits the Three Amigos again and goes up top for the frogsplash, but Angle rolls out of the way and hits the Angle Slam. The straps come down, but Angle is distracted by Hernandezand Chavo rolls him up for 3.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero Jr

Angle's shoulder wasn't down at all for the finish, but the two teams get into a shoving match as Daniels and Kazarian stand at the top of the ramp egging them on.

X Division Title Match: Zema Ion vs Doug Williams

Ion tries to cheapshot Williams, but this just pisses Williams off, and he destroys Ion until he runs out to the floor. Ion rams Williams into the ringpost and they go back inside where Ion quickly puts Williams in a sick ass armbar until Williams taps.

Winner: Zema Ion

Ion refuses to let go of the hold, so the referee tells the ring announcer that he reversed the decision.

New Winner: Doug Williams by DQ

Ion ignores the fact that he just lost and getsa microphone to tell Hogan and Sting that he knows he'sat the top of their list to team with Sting at Bound For Glory, but he's not putting his good looks on the line to fight Aces & Eights. He's not just pretty, he's pretty f'n dangerous.

We go to a video package looking at King Mo, who will split his time between Bellator and TNA. He's backstage, and he's...SHADOWBOXING!

James Storm comes out to the ring to say that we're coming up on Bound For Glory, where it'll be one year since Bobby Roode turned on him, and he's not coming to prove he's a better wrestler, he's going to kick Roode's ass. He starts to bring up King Mo, but then Bobby Roode comes out to the top of the ramp to tell Storm not to worry about King Mo because Storm is getting in the ring with someone whose coattails he rode for four years, someone he's jealous of, and someone he's never beaten. This isn't going to be a match, it's going to be a fight and a bloodbath, and if King Mo thinks he can contain this, there's not a damn thing King Mo can do to stop him. He says that if King Mo was there right now, he'd tell him to his face. Sure enough, King Mo's music hits and out he comes in his gear with the robe, crown, and bling around his neck, and Roode mocks Mo and starts shoving him around until Mo shoves Roode on his ass. Roode slowly backs through the entryway and to the locker room while Mo comes down to the ring to and goes face to face with Storm, who shakes his hand and hands him a beer.

Hulk Hogan is backstage with Sting and he says he's finally picked his guy, but Sting says he saw something in Bully Ray and he wants to watch him tonight before he says for sure. Hogan asks Sting if he's sure, then says he'll watch the match with him. Speaking of which, that three way is up...NEXT!

After another video package looking at Aces & Eights, the Vice President says that everyone in the group is ready to die for the brotherhood, and asks if he can say that about his guys. One of the Aces & Eights guys pulls out a pair of live jumper cables as another guy pulls Joseph Park's shirt off, and the Vice President says they'll see Hogan in ten days as the video cuts out.

After running down the card for Bound For Glory, it's main event time!

Bully Ray vs Jeff Hardy vs That Other Guy

We go to commercial before the bell rings, and when we come back, Bubba is beating up Hardy until Aries comes in and takes Bubba out. Aries and Hardy go face to face, but Bubba comes back in and takes Hardy out so he and Aries can go at it. Aries comes off the second rope with a clothesline, but an attempt at the IED sees him run right into Bubba's boot. Aries goes down, and Hardy springboards off his back to hit Poetry In Motion. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Bubba and then gets the Twist of Fate, but Aries pulls Hardy off of Bubba and dumps him out to the floor before putting Bubba in the Last Chancery. Hardy comes in and stomps Aries to break it up, then Hardy and Aries go face to face until Bubba takes them both out with a double clothesline. Bubba dumps Hardy out to the floor and then backdrops Aries on top of Hardy. Aries comes back in with a missile dropkick followed by the IED, but Bubba goes to the eyes to stop the brainbuster. Bubba goes looking for his chain but can't find it, so he calls So Cal Val a bitch and grabs the title belt. Hardy comes running in before Bubba could hit Aries with the belt, but Bubba hits the Bubba Bomb and covers Hardy for the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

Aries gets in Hardy's face and yells at him that he had Bubba again but Hardy blew it for him. The fans are solidly behind Hardy, so Aries tells the fans he doesn't need any of them and walks off while Hardy soaks up the cheers.

After the commercial, Sting and Hulk Hogan come out to the ring to announce who will team with Sting at Bound For Glory. Hogan says that he can't help but think about how personal this has become with Aces & Eights because of the way they've singled him out. Sting will do everything he can to keep Aces & Eights out of the company, but he needs a riding partner. He's seen a lot of guys tearing people up tonight, but the man who impressed him the most was the guy who hit a pair of Mic Checks earlier tonight, and that's Ken Anderson, and Hogan asks Anderson to come join them in the ring. Anderson's music hits, but he doesn't come out to the ring, but then the video screen lights up as we see Ken Anderson laid out and unconscious in the parking lot with Aces & Eights standing around them. Bully Ray comes running into the ring telling Hogan and Sting to look at what Aces & Eights did to Anderson, then says that he wants to get his hands on Aces & Eights because they cost him the World Title. Sting needs a warrior to fight by his side at Bound For Glory, and Bubba tells Sting to convince Hogan that he is the guy Sting needs by his side at Bound For Glory. Bubba tells Hogan that he might not like him, but he's got to respect him because he's extending his hand, and he tells Hogan to let him fight by his brother's side at Bound For Glory. Hogan thinks a good long time, but then shakes Bubba's hand and tells him that he's fighting for everyone in the Impact Zone, and Bubba says he's got it, BROTHER.

Thanks for reading the Impact Wrestling Report, there's no Stu & Pid Show this week due to a scheduling conflict, but I'll be back in just a little while with the Impact Postgame Show!

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