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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-04 09:54:13
I know you get a ton of WWE Hall of Fame Questions, but I was wondering about your opinion on two of my favorites. Ray "Big Bossman" Traylor and Bam Bam Bigelow. I know neither won WWE titles, but they've had really interesting careers and I recall hearing Traylor was a favorite ofVince McMahon's.

Both are tremendously deserving. Bigelow was one of the best "big man" workers of all time and carried what is arguably the best celebrity wrestling match of all time against Lawrence Taylor at Wrestlemania 11. Bossman was a tremendous talent and personality and had great matches with everyone from Hulk Hogan (check those cage matches out, superplexes off the top of the cage!) to Curt Hennig and back again. Both were also tremendously tough individuals and honestly, we need more people like them in today's pro wrestling.

You probably get comments like this all the time, but with Paul Heyman back in WWE, I think it would be outstanding if they brought in maybe 1-2 more managers. Ric Flair would be one. He could be the modern day Bobby Heenan, if you will. I would also vouch for Shane Douglas, but he has burned a lot of bridges in the business. He could create a stable called "The Franchise"......Michael Hayes would also be great, because he is still captivating on a mic but he kinda looks like a member of .38 Special or Lynyrd Skynyrd out touring, so maybe, in WWE's eyes, he might not have the look they want on TV each week. Who do you think would make a great manager in this day & age? I really enjoyed Sinister Minister in ECW and TNA as well. Maybe pair him up Kane down the road?

I really have no theory as to why Jim Mitchell doesn't have a job in the business. He's got the gift of gab and the unique carny throwback look that has been lost in today's age of pro wrestling. I am sure he doesn't want to hear this, but the one name I'd love to see work as a manager today is Raven. Physically, he's not what he used to be but he was a hell of a manager as Johnny Polo and his vernacular gifts could be used to get others over. I also really wish someone would pluck Joel Gertner out of Brooklyn and put him back where he deserves to be - on national TV. Rob Naylor in FCW/NXT is doing a hell of a job as well and has that preppy yuppie Jim Cornette style character that could generate heat in the right position. I'd have Kassius Ohno come in as a grand,snobby rich athlete (think Tiger Woods) and Naylor can be his man-servant, caddy,Virgil, etc.

Did I hear you right on your audio the other day? Someone is working as Mortis? Last I heard Chris Kanyone had passed away. The entire thing really upsets me. Why do promoters allow such stupidity to happen?

Sadly, there are a slew of promoters who care about nothing but making whatever last penny they can squeeze out of the local audience. The key is not to support promotions that pull that sort of stupidity. There are more than enough upstanding companies - PWG, CHIKARA, NECW, DGUSA, EVOLVE, etc. that try to give you a great product for your dollar.

So Kenny King jumps to TNA, and now we haven't seen him in almost a month. So was this a big mistake on his part or is TNA actually going to use him?

I haven't heard of the company using him at all, so if that doesn't change, one could certainly call it a mistake.

After what happened on Monday Night Football between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks in your opinion what was the most controversial act ever done by a wrestling referee?

A little thing called Montreal.

Is it just me or does it seem odd that Joey Ryan is going after Al Snow? Al Snow actually said yes to giving him a contract, shouldn't he actually be going after Taz or Prichard? I know the latter two aren't actually in the position to wrestle, so why did they not start it off with Al Snow saying No? Would of made much more sense.

It could be they changed plans or at one point, they were hoping Taz would wrestle, which obviously is not going to happen.

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