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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-03 16:22:38
For the many of you who have asked about the 12/16 WWE TLC PPV in Brooklyn, NY, the pre-sale code will be issued Friday morning just prior to the online pre-sale.

With no Raw taping yet official for 12/17, I wonder if the company will try and do back to back nights at the Barclay Center to really have an impactful first showing there. A lot of touring acts and musical groups are looking to The Center as a less expensive (and thus more profitable) alternative to Madison Square Garden.

Jim Ross noted on Twitter that the cowboy hat CM Punk crushed on Raw was a $700 hat. Ouch! Ross also noted that his confrontation with Punk was the highest rated segment on Raw. It should have been, since it was far and away the best thing on the show.

THQ posted a great interview with Percy "Paul Bearer" Pringle to support the announcement he has been added to the WWE '13 videogame at this link. Absolutely worth going out of your way to read.

WWE will be running Saturday 12/15 in Wilkes-Barre, PA at the Mohegan Sun Arena. There is an online pre-sale code for that event currently ongoing using code "WWEWBS" starting tomorrow AM. Thanks to Devin Cutting

WWE has released The WWE Hell In A Cell poster featuring CM Punk as the devil for sale.

WWE developmental talent Skyler Moon has not been released, despite rumors to the contrary. Moon has been given time off from the company to deal with a health issue but is still under contract to the company. The health issue is a medical situation, so a rumor that she's been sent to WWE Wellness related rehab is not correct either.

The former Kharma has launched an official Facebook page at

The latest edition of WWE Inbox is now online:

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