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By Mike Johnson on 2012-10-02 10:35:33
WWE champion CM Punk took part in a Q&A Session on 9/29 over the weekend at Wizardworld Ohio.

Punk was asked how far ahead WWE has their current storylines set and whether he was going to be facing The Rock.  Punk said, "Trust me when I tell you that they have no idea what they are doing" and joked that once it made it online, he would be told he shouldn't say that.

Punk was asked about the championship look changing.  Punk said, "I love no idea....they are working on it....I give up."  He said that he would like to believe he has some say but doesn't know.  He suggested they were saving the new design for someone else and joked, "they are sick of me asking about it."

Punk was asked what changes he would make if he had complete control over WWE.  Punk said that he's been giving a ton of input on things behind the scenes and some of the people who have been hired.  He said he doesn't want to take credit but likes people who work hard.  He noted they hired Sara Del Rey to train the Divas.  Some people say she should be on TV and "maybe they are right" but he's talked to her and it's her dream job as she gets to wrestle every day.  He said that the Divas division is wide open for the next generation with Beth Phoenix leaving and Kelly Kelly gone. 

Punk talked about some of the next generation talents he likes, naming Chris Hero/Kassius Ohno, Dean Ambrose, Tyler Black/Seth Rollins and Antonio Cesaro.  He said that he's there for them.  Punk said he wasn't afforded certain opportunities because of what people thought of him and if he hears people's opinions based on hearsay, he's the one that's going to tell them to shut up and let these talents do their thing because "we will all be better off because of it in a few years."

A fan who said Punk not working the main events made him angry and asked Punk his thoughts.  Punk said that's one of the things that need to change.  He said that there are only two men on the full-time roster who know what it's like working the main event of Wrestlemania - John Cena and Randy Orton.  He said Cena went down to injury and "God forbid" Punk gets hurt too.  He said that they have their backs against a wall.  "We have to put someone else in that spot.  We have to make changes at this point.  John...great champion and spokesperson in the company.  I don't see him in the same light as other people do.  I don't see him as the know all and end all.  You put all your eggs in one basket and you drop the basket, you have no eggs.  It's cool to me and it drives me.  I do so much better when I'm angry.  I think that's pretty clear if you watch me on television.  The stuff with Foley last week, I was pissed off.  It was a bad day for me.  You have to put someone else in the main event spot, just for perception.  I work my ass off and I'm in the main event of every other show, except for PPVs.  It gets frustrating but it also drives me, if that makes any sense."

Punk was asked what was the one thing he wanted to accomplish in wrestling.  A fan said "End the streak."  Punk said it doesn't interest him.  He likes to be in situations where there is drama and you don't know who's going to win.  "There needs to be some drama and stuff."  He said he wants to wrestle the main event of Wrestlemania.  "That's all that is left.  That's why I have been so adamant and vocal about helping the next generation.  I don't know that I will get the chance to main event a Wrestlemania.  It should have been me instead of the Miz.  It should have been me last year.  It should be me next year.  So, I want to help the next generation so they have a better shot at the main event of Wrestlemania.   Maybe that's why they won't let me do it - once I do it, that's it.  I'm done."

Punk was asked when the Pepsi Plunge was returning.  The fan asking said that Triple H has stopped him from doing it.  Punk said that this is what happens when fans make things up.  Punk said that no one has ever told him that he can't do it.  They've never told him he can't do anything, "except the one time they told me I couldn't use the Anaconda Vise anymore and to start using the GTS."  He said that the move is never coming back, however, as his "knees would explode" from doing it.

Punk was asked who he would induct into the WWE Hall of Fame right now.  Punk said he would love to put Paul Heyman in and wants to induct someone but "it has to mean something."

A fan brought up Colt Cabana.  Punk got all excited and plugged his podcast.  He told a story about he and Cabana arguing over what gym to go to.  Punk told everyone to keep their fingers crossed because, "we may have some potential good news in the future."

Additional Highlights:

Punk was asked what he thought of the tag team division "heating up."  He said he's excited about it and "it's cool."

On staying motivated while being on the road, Punk said Twitter helps him because he gets 12 year olds and people grossly out of weight telling him that he's fat.  He likes to do things on a whim, like running a marathon on six hours notice and tries to do things to push himself.

A kid asked Punk, "If I was a wrestler, how would you beat me?"  Punk quipped, "By DQ."

Punk was asked who he loves and who he hates working with.  He said that when it's all said and done, he believes John Cena will be his best opponent and he thinks Punk will be one of his favorites.  He loves wrestling Rey Mysterio.  He said that there's no one left that he really hates in the company.

Punk was asked to recount his WWE title win over John Cena at Money in the Bank.  He said he was legitimately tired and was worried he was going to fall sprinting up the stairs of the Arena holding the WWE title.  He said it was a great moment.

A kid asked Punk about wrestling Undertaker.  Punk said that Taker always beat him but he's "a fun guy to work with."

A little girl told Punk he was "so awesome" and asked what his favorite tag team match that he's been in.  Punk said he wasn't sure and asked for the crowd's opinion.  One person said Sheamus and Punk said, "No, that's not it."  He said he had fun wrestling with Kofi Kingston and they had some fun matches, including one with Manu.  He joked there's a Manu reference that no one will remember.

Punk was asked about wrestling Ryback.  He said he would be up for it.

A ten year old kid asked about advice on becoming a wrestler.  Punk told him he should do it.  "You are ten years old, you can do anything you want.  Want to be an astronaut? Do it.  Want to be a wrestler slash President slash Astronaut? Do it."

Punk said his current title reign is his favorite to date, noting he's over 300 days. 

A guy who said he lost 35 lbs. said Punk was his inspiration.  He asked Punk his nutrition tips.  Punk said he tries to stay away from junk but has a junkfood day every so often.  He said the only carbs he eats are sweet potatoes and black beans.  He said try to eat protein every three hours and drinks a lot of water.  He stopped drinking soda in January.  He only takes a multi-vitamin pill and no other supplements.

Punk was asked if the social media state of WWE to be encouraging.  Punk said it's all a double-edged sword.  He enjoys talking to fans when he gets intelligent questions but it doesn't happen very often.  He said anyone from India and the U.A.E. just seems to hate him and he gets the most brutal, hateful tweets from them.  He said that's the great thing about it - fans can say anything they want to anyone they want and guessed Patrick Stewart gets fans telling him Captain Kirk would kick his ass.

A fan thanked Punk for still making the convention despite the schedule.  He said that "they" tried to get me not to come and he told them that if they wanted him to work the live events that weekend, he was going to the convention. [Punk was added to the weekend house shows after John Cena had surgery]

Punk was asked what was the coolest thing his celebrity status has afforded him.  Punk said that he doesn't think he's a celebrity and the best fan interactions are just saying hi to fans are they pass each other on the street.  He said stuff like the Chicago Cubs game appearances are "pretty wild."

Punk was asked where the WWE Ice Cream Bars are.  He said, "I don't know.  That's a horrible answer but I don't know.  Sorry."

Punk said that he hasn't done a whole lot of cardio in awhile.  He's been doing some circuit workouts.  He said that sometimes he'll Tweet his workouts and it's not worth it, because people will mock it.  He said that he's going to be 34 in a month and isn't a spring chicken, so he's not trying to put 350 lbs. up in a bench-press and then not be able to wrestle.  He just wants to be healthy and does what he does.  He just tries to constantly change and evolve.

A fan asked about the Chris Jericho feud and whether he's ever done something that was too harsh or hard.  Punk said no and mentioned the Rey Mysterio angle where he sang to Mysterio's daughter.  He doesn't have kids and is disconnected to it.  Some people who saw it felt he went too far but he thought it was funny.

Punk talked comics.  He said Ed Brubaker is the first writer in a long time to make him read something and curse in front of children on an airplane.  He said the current arc where Punisher purposely gets arrested to help Matt Murdoch in jail has blown him away and he loves the crime noir take on the characters.

Punk was asked if there was anyone left he wants to drop a "pipe bomb" on.  Punk said, "Dwayne."  He said that he's looking forward to that and doesn't plan to be gentle like Cena was.  He said he's running out of people to work with and wants to work with people who get him excited to work.

Punk was asked his favorite super-hero.  He said that it depends on who's writing it.  He likes the current Scott Snyder take on Batman and enjoys The Punisher.

Punk was asked about being on the cover of WWE '13.  He said it was awesome.  The goal was always to be in a game, so when being on the cover popped up, "it was awesome."

Punk was asked what would happen if he wrestled Batman.  Punk said he'd be the "Best in the World by DQ."

Punk was asked how old he was when he wanted to be a wrestler.  He said the story has been told to death.  His first memory is Roddy Piper smashing Jimmy Snuka with the Coconut and it's all he ever wanted to be.

Punk was asked his favorite WWE Moment in his career.  He said the sheer ridiculousness of working with Jared from Subway.

Punk was asked why he screams, "It's Clobbering Time!"  Punk said there were two reasons.  One is that he loves comic books and The Thing, Ben Grimm yells it "before he punches people in the face" and he also loves NYC hardcore music and the band Sick of It All wrote a song titled "It's clobbering time."  He just decided to combine the two.

Punk was asked about working with Jeff Hardy.  Hardy was "cool" and very "easy-going."  Punk said that it was like playing a videogame as Hardy would say "OK, cool" to any suggestion and was down to earth and easy to work with.

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