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By Jason Wilcox on 2012-10-02 08:57:37
I attended last night's Raw and wanted to send along a few notes.

WWE Superstars:

*Wade Barrett defeated Tyson Kidd with the Souvenir.

*David Otunga defeated Michael McGillicutty.

JR Appreciation:

After Raw went off the air, the tag champs argued and hugged it out before leaving.

We received a preview of the match they said would happen for the first time on Main Event as CM Punk wrestled Sheamus. It was a short bout with Punk playing heel and killing time before drilling Sheamus with the belt for a DQ.

After Punk left, Sheamus went to the announce table and raised Jim Ross' arm. Vince McMahon came out and gave a nice speech saying Ross was the best announcer in the history of the business, including Gordon Solie, which I guess was to keep Ross from saying Solie was better. Vince noted that Ross has done it all from joining a "special club" (yes, they referred to Ross kissing his ass in an Appreciation segment) to bringing lots of talented men into the company.

HHH came out and then began praising Ross as well. He introduced Ross' hero "the great Danny Hodge" and Bill Watts, who also praised Ross. I know you wrote that OU coach Bob Stoops was there, but it was actually a video message. Jerry Lawler gave a nice speech via video as well.

Sheamus presented Ross with a nice glass award that read "Voice of WWE" and the entire roster came out to give Ross a standing ovation. Ross gave a nice speech, obviously choked up, saying that he worked almost 20 years to get to where he is and told any of the kids who were there to work hard and with passion in all they do.

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