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By Dave Scherer on 2012-10-03 09:59:00

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Do you think WWE should make a DVD dedicated to wwe commentators like Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler etc.

The problem is in what matches you put on there.  With wrestlers, you put their greatest matches.  With announcers, it's harder because while they have called great bouts, it is not the same as guys wrestling great matches. 

Mike Adamle. Now I know he was bad but when he had his run I was only 11. So what was so bad about him anyway?

There were a lot of things but the main problems were that he had no knowledge of the business or its history.  That made him calling play-by-play a catastrophe. He was a nice enough guy, but shouldn't have been an announcer.

Yes we want to go to arenas where Raw is filmed and see The King Jerry Lawler in person but why can't Vince and the WWE put the same set up they've done for other announcers right in Jerry's home in Memphis. That way Jerry could call the matches without having to get exhausted from all the travel involved and still be part of the show.

First off, Lawler doesn't want that.  He wants to be at the buildings.  More importantly, WWE wants the shows to be like real sporting events and that means having the announcers live at the venue.  Once Lawler is recovered, he will be able to travel again and will be back live.

I've always wondered since, Rob Feinstein got in that trouble on that "Perverted Justice" have any of the wrestlers or talent shown disinterest in doing shoot interviews for him? In a business, where it seems like everyone "jokes" or "hazes" each other.. You never hear any talent giving him to much hell about what happened. It seems like that incident got 'swept under the rug' but, in reality it's kind of a big deal what he did.. I mean, I still watch his interviews based on the fact, that I love shoots but, you'd think there would of been backlash toward him by the talent.  

Well, Ring Of Honor forced him out of the company, that was pretty hellish to Feinstein.  I know a lot of people in the business who want nothing to do with him due to what happened.  Personally, I am one of them.  He has tried to buy advertising on the site for years but I won't even consider it.  It's just how I feel about the incident and what it means.  But this is a business where a lot of people easily forget the past if it means getting them something that they want in the present.

I have no idea where it came from, but a couple of nights ago I had a dream where Cena and Cody Rhodes were married (in kayfabe) and there was this huge gay wedding on Raw. That inspired me to ask you the following: what are the chances of WWE doing some sort of a gay storyline at some point (not necessarily in that scale, but perhaps even a little one)? If the chances are zero, why so? It would also be awesome if you enlightened me and told me whether there's been any gay storylines in the past (and I don't mean the lesbian ones, even though I've got nothing against those, either), because if there has been, I can't recall them.

You must not have been around when WWE did the Billy and Chuck storyline.  As long as WWE is doing PG, they will probably stay away from it.  They are marketing to kids right now.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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