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By Dave Scherer on 2012-09-30 09:59:00

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Hulk Hogan and the this worse than him in the Dungeon back in WCW?

No, it's not THAT bad but it certainly is the worst part of TNA right now. Hulk's first name should actually be "Hokey".  His stuff is the one part of Impact that usually makes me groan.  But, that is who he is, brother, and his fans like it.

Does WWE really need to do the ION show? Raw can't even keep its audience entertained.

Need? No. But when someone offers a company a nice chunk of money for their products it's often hard to say no. I can't blame WWE for taking the money here.  While they are thin on programming money talks and everything else walks.

Why did WWE even bring Kelly Kelly back if they were just going to let her go?

My best guess is that they did it to show the talent that they make the rules, not the workers. Kelly had a lot of things on her docket that she didn't want the company to get a piece of and now ultimately they won't but they let her go on their terms not hers.  That kind of stuff is important to them and to be fair from their point of view it tells anyone else that they can proceed at their own risk in those kinds of matters.

Will being TV champ be a good thing for Samoa Joe?

It can and will be if they push him as a monster that destroys his opponents for the next few months. If they book the Title as being important than it will be seen as such.  I hope that they have Joe elevate it.  He has worked really hard this year and deserves it, plus it would make Stu Carapola happy.

Should we view Sara Del Ray coming in as a trainer as a turnaround in the Divas?

Not yet since WWE has hardly given us any reason to think that the Divas will get pushed as workers, but we can hope it's a good sign that they would bring someone like her in to train them.  With John Laurinaitis out of power, maybe HHH can convince Vince McMahon to push the women again.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.

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