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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-29 10:19:04
RAW ends with Punk and Ryback face to face... and I, the viewer am supposed to care why? WWE has spent months having ryback squash unsigned jobbers. Eventually he moved on to have unrealized feuds with Jinder Mahal, Tyler Reks, and Curt Hawkins (3 men i had forgotten were still signed employees). The only credible person Ryback has wrestled is the Miz and that was the same night as the Punk stare down... so should I care when Ryback has been in first gear for 6 months or more and all the sudden WWE wants me to think he's ready for the mainevent. I don't even know if Ryback can sell a move... What are your thoughts on the angle?

Wrestling has shown in the past that the lure of putting an unstoppable monster (Nikita Koloff, Ultimate Warrior, Goldberg) in pursuit of the champion can draw the interest of the audience. WWE has done a good job of showing that Ryback is a beast, so putting him against someone who's out to retain his title is an interesting mix, especially after Ryback just steam-rolled through the IC champion.

I read where a group called the Insane Clown Posse was involved in wrestling in some capacity at one time. Who are the Insame Clown Posse?

Someone needs to take you to the Gathering. They are a rap group who have cultivated an incredible fan base. They have dabbled in pro wrestling, appearing for WWF, ECW, and WCW as well as running their own independent promotion, Juggalo Championship Wrestling. They also just sued the FBI for giving their fans "gang" status.

During some sick time I went back and watch a lot of ROH, CZW, and IWA mid south from 2002-2004. I feel that time was the best time of the indies in the past decade and seeing some of the workers back then got me wondering a couple things. Since you gentlemen were watching a lot of these companies back, who did you feel from this indie era should have gotten but never got a big break in WWE or TNA. The two people I feel were one Colt Cabana (don?t need to say much that hasn?t already been said), and the other was Trent Acid. Of all the wrestlers who never got the break I thing Trent was the only one who had that big league personality that would have made a big mark. And on the other side of the fence, who did you watch back then that you thought was going make and thinking today ?WTF was I thinking?. Mu chioce there is Teddy Hart, while Teddy has an amazing arial ability his promos were incredibly incoherient and to be honest he was one of the worst sellers of moves ive ever seen. Thank you PWINSIDER for all your hard work.

You could say Colt got the chance, although it wasn't much of one. Trent Acid comes to the top of my list as he really had a good charisma and a great moveset. Dan Maff, who was great in the ring and had these awesome promos, really should have been given a chance as well. There were a lot of great workers from that era who really should have gone on to the next level, but unfortunately, it doesn't always work out that way.

What are the odds this happens leading to Mania? Rock beats Punk for title at RR. Punk defeats Rock for title back at next PPV( drawing blank on name). Then the next night or next week on RAW they have the rubber match and Lesnar causes Rock to lose. This leads to Rock and Brock at Mania. I know in the past you said you don't want Rock to win the title from Punk. However, would it be so bad if he beat Puck once and Punk beats Rock twice? Thanks

I actually really like that scenario. I think Lesnar vs. Rock would be the next possible scenario for a top Mania match.

What is Matt Cappotelli up to these days? Has he had any complications since his brain surgery a few years back? Has he considered a return to pro wrestling?

Cappotelli is working for a fitness company and has not considered a return to pro wrestling. We have not heard any update on his health, so we have to just keep hoping for the best.

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