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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-28 15:06:11
Jerry Lawler made an appearance this morning on WREG-TV in Memphis, promoting a local independent show he will be appearing at tonight in a non-wrestling role in South Haven, MS (which isn't far from Memphis).

During the appearance, Lawler noted that had he had his heart attack anywhere but where he was - next to a doctor during a WWE event - he'd likely have died.

Lawler also noted that he intends to return to the ring and his plan is to appear at the 10/16 Smackdown taping in Memphis. My guess is he will at least make an appearance live, but probably not announce and absolutely nothing physical.

Lawler's voice is still very, very rough from all he's been through.

You can watch a video of the appearance below:

Thanks to Jeff W. for passing along the link to the interview.

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