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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-28 10:00:58
I was reading The Fabulous Moolah's book and she claimed that she dated Elvis Presley. However, in Penny Banner's book, she said it was her and not Moolah. So what's the truth and why would someone lie?

It was Banner who went out with Elvis a few times. Moolah may have met him, but they never dated. As far as why wrestlers lie? They are storytellers who live in a world where they never have to mature as people and they make their livelyhood pulling the wool over people's eyes - it's a natural extension of that.

If you had to pick the top names for the WWE Hall of Fame this year, who are they?

Mick Foley, Kevin Nash and Bob Backlund make sense as Foley is from New York while Nash and Backlund each won their first WWF titles in Madison Square Garden, which is where the Hall is being held.

Why are all these promotions running Wrestlemania weekend? It's obvious no fan can go to all these shows. I don't know why WWE doesn't put a stop to this. They are all trading off of WWE properties.

The promotions are running because there will be fans there looking to spend money and see wrestling. If I am a fan from say New Zealand and La Parka, for example, will be right there when I am in town for Wrestlemania, why wouldn't I want to go? It makes my experience even greater. I know that WWE doesn't like the fact that everyone else runs that weekend, but the reality is that unless they are going to put a giant dome over the entire NYC area, they can't control what people do and who tries to run venues in the general vicinity of the Wrestlemania events. To me, the fact that all these promotions do is awesome - it allows the consumer to have their own wrestling menu and to pick what experiences they want.

How is AXXESS going to work at the IZOD Center? They've never done this in an Arena.

To me, that is the most interesting question going into the weekend - how they intend to set that attraction up and how they intend to maintain foot traffic so the venue isn't overwhelmed. It's a lot less space than they would usually have at a convention center. I can't wait to see how they map the event out.

Whatever happened to Gillberg?

Duane Gill lives in Maryland and operates a wrestling school there.

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