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By Mike Johnson on 2012-09-27 10:00:39
I saw you wrote about TNA pulling talents off shows that will be filmed for DVD release. How long before Ring of Honor does the same?

No time soon, I hope. There are a number of talents who supplement their ROH income with Japan tours and independent appearances. I don't believe ROH runs enough shows on their own to allow those talents to make a full time living in the business solely on ROH. TNA is a very different story.

I love your work on the website. I have a question: where does WWE NXT air? Is it on the internet or TV? I thought I heard it was on the internet. If so, what is the web address? If TV, what channel? Thank you again for all your work.

The series airs internationally and just began distribution via Hulu Plus. It is not available via cable or broadcast in the United States.

Whatever happened to the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles?

The property was sold to a Korean religious organization that now uses it as a church. It was still standing last time I was in LA.

What's the one wrestler you'd like to see WWE release a book or DVD on?

Adrian Adonis. He was a hell of a worker and tough guy who's been seemingly forgotten by the business because he passed away when he did. It takes a hell of a villain to make Roddy Piper a hero and Adonis did that.

I've heard you mention on audio that you'd love to write a comic book. Are you the Mike Johnson who does comics? If not, if you had a dream comic to write, what would it be?

I am not the Mike Johnson that works in the comics industry. Different person. As far as writing, that's probably the easiest question ever asked of me. I never expect any of this to happen, but here we go. The only thing that would probably be on my writing "bucket list" would be to write a story starring the Ted Kord version of DC Comics' Blue Beetle character as that's been my favorite character since I was a kid. Obviously, the story would have to feature Booster Gold in some fashion as well. The Kord iteration of the character has been put to bed by DC and I really, really miss that version. I am a big fan of what IDW does with the Godzilla property and would love to toss my own ideas into that. If anyone ever licensed the property to the original "V" for comics, I'd probably chain myself to their front door for the chance to do something with those characters, especially since the original TV series never had a proper conclusion. Since everyone reading this is going to now ask me what Marvel character I'd want to write, it's got to be Spider-Man since he and I are both from Queens, NY. All that said, none of that is anything I've pursued but obviously, I am a huge fan of that medium and have a deep respect for what those writers and artists do for a living.

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